Upper Egypt Electricity: Reaching Maximum Productivity of Benban Station

كهرباء مصر العليا: الوصول لأقصى إنتاجية من محطة بنبان خلال العام الجاري- فيديو

1:18 pm

Friday 22 January 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Engineer Syed Mohammed Farooq, head of the Upper Egypt power sector, said the Benban area is the best area, where the sun shines throughout the year, indicating that the Benban plant has been allocated 8,000 acres for the construction of solar power stations Has been, and is considered one of the largest projects in the Middle East and the world.

“Farooq” added in its interview with the “Good Morning Egypt” program on Egyptian TV, today, Friday, that the region plans to generate solar power of about 2000 MW, representing 90% of the energy generated by the high dam. Doing, explain that the production will be about 1465 thousand MW-amps, and soon the rest of the station will work, and we will reach 2000 MW, and the power network and its infrastructure will generate the energy that the station will generate.

He continued, saying that the project would reach its maximum generation capacity this year, explaining that 32 companies were working in the project, as electricity is being generated from the Sun at a voltage of 22 kW, and the opening of 4 transformer stations in Benban. 1, Babban 2, Babban 2 and Babban 3. In Banban 4, voltage was raised from 22 kW to 220 kW to expand the integrated power grid in Egypt.

And Abizaid, president of Upper Egypt Electricity: “When we got the surplus on the 220 kilovolt network, we expanded the Benban 3 station to 500 kilowatts, and it is expected that it will enter service later this month, “It shows that these stations have provided more than thousands of jobs. Regular during preparation, and now it provides job opportunities for the 1000 citizens who operate it.

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