US Cyber ​​Attack, US Ransomware Attack: Demand for Crores of Rupees

US Cyber ​​Attack, US Ransomware Attack: Demand for Crores of Rupees


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Published: Monday, July 5, 2021, 14:35 [IST]

Washington: The biggest cyber/ransomware attack has happened in superpower America. It was an attack on several software companies in that country. IT software provider Ksenia VSA has been attacked by hackers. He demanded $70 million. Its value in Indian currency is Rs 520 crore. The Federal Bureau of Investigation suspects that the attack was carried out by the dark website Happy Blog.

It noted that small and medium-sized IT companies were affected by the attack. The hackers were identified as a revelation gang. The gang has also previously disclosed that it is carrying out cyber attacks on managed IT service providers. More than a million systems are said to have been affected. The Revolutionary Guards have indicated they would pay $70,000 million to withdraw from the attack. It said it would restore all systems within an hour of the deal being struck.

If IT software providers do this deal with ransomware attackers.. that would be history. Such a huge amount has never been paid before in a cyber/ransomware attack. A maximum of Rs 37 crore has been dealt so far in the attack on managed service providers. The minimum number of contracts for this type of cyber attack is Rs 33.5 lakh.

Big ransomware attack: IT software provider Kasia VSA vulnerable to Revil

Ross McCurcher, Seiko’s vice president, said the attack impacted 70 managed service providers under his control. He said 350 companies were affected by the transaction. FBI officials say the latest cases come from the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. An investigation into the origin of the attack has been launched.

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The United States is trying to recruit Russian ransomware gangs. It has also held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In view of the attempts by these gangs to thwart the aggression- the latest attack incident has taken precedence. Though the revolutionary gang has already caused trouble for some managed service providers, experts say the seriousness this time is beyond expectation.

english summary

The FBI said Sunday that the “scale” of a major ransomware attack against a US IT company could mean investigators will not be able to work with each victim individually.

Story first published: Monday, July 5, 2021, 14:35 [IST]


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