Virgin Galactic Space: Telugumai Sirisha going to space.. How long have you been there?


Virgin Galactic Space Flight: Billionaire Richard Brenson, owner of American spacecraft company Virgin Galactic, went into space with his crew at 8 pm on Sunday. It was a great success for Brenson, who dreamed of future space travel. There were six passengers on the voyage, including British Brenson.

Brenson, his three crew and two pilots were on board this historic plane. VMS Unity Engine The VSS Unity-22 (named after Brenson’s mother) rocket took off at 50,000 feet and returned. Mission experts include Richard Brenson, Virgin Galactic’s Chief Astronaut Instructor Beth Moses and Virgin Galactic Lead Operations Engineer Colin Bennett. She is also accompanied by Telugumayi Sirisha.

The whole journey took about 56 minutes. They were all in space for only four minutes. The aircraft took off at 8 o’clock Indian time and returned to Earth at 9.11 pm.

Upon his return to Earth, Richard Brenson said that traveling on the Virgin Galaxy spacecraft made him feel good. After returning to Earth, Brenson said it felt great to be in space.

At the same time, Sirisha created history as the fourth astronaut to fly into space from India. Earlier, Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla and Indian-American Sunita Williams had flown in space.


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