Visual Studio Code January 2021 update released

Visual Studio Code January 2021 update released

Microsoft has released a January 2021 update to the popular code editor, Visual Studio Code. Along with the update, users were offered some important innovations. The update also fixed some bugs in the program.

Supports many scripting languages ​​including the most popular languages ​​like C ++, C #, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS and Java Visual studio codeIt has been home to many software developers for many years. Visual Studio Code promises a better experience with regular updates.

Microsoft today released a new update that takes the visual studio code experience to a higher level. January 2021 update (version 1.53) The update has brought some significant innovations to the popular code editor. Among these innovations, was an innovation that would delight web developers. All the innovations that came with the update are:

What’s new in the new version:

  • Wrap Tab: You can wrap the editor tab in the workspace instead of using the scroll bar.
  • Configure tab decoration: You can add status decorations in the editor tab.
  • Customize Search Mode: You can use the search view or open a new search editor.
  • Debug JavaScript: Support for conditional exception ‘breakpoint’ digits and Node.js worker_threads.
  • Notebook User Experience Update: See the outline for notebook cells and content maps for advanced navigation.
  • Markdown preview image auto update: The preview will automatically update when the picture is changed.
  • Emmett Correction: It will offer faster performance and will support the latest features.
  • Extension Guidelines: This will show you the documented best practices for extension developers.
  • Remote Development Video Series: You will be able to learn how to create and configure a container-based environment.

Update updated to visual studio code Some minor mistakes too would go. For detailed information about the update’s innovations On this link You can click


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