“We’re tired and can’t sleep!” Luna Kogani and Marko Miljkovic in front of the camera for the first time since giving birth…

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Luna Cogani and Marko Miljkovic appeared on a television show for the first time since the birth of the reality star two weeks ago.

Marko Miljkovic and Luna Jogni • TV Pink / Screenshots

– I am not underweight and I have not gained weight during pregnancy. I enjoyed it to the maximum. I think every pregnant woman should enjoy it. I mostly ate pizza, pies and sweets. Well, I ate everything – said Luna at “Amiji Show” with a smile.

– When I last weighed myself, I weighed 88 kg, but so our baby is strong. He’s already raising his head, and he’s only two weeks old. Mom, I took a break from everything.

Luna Jogni
Luna Jogni

To be honest, we were not ready to appear on the show. We haven’t been able to sleep properly since the birth of the baby. It is common. Mia isn’t grumpy yet, but we’re sleepy and tired – Marco admitted.

– Thank God I experienced something like this. Now I understand my mother more, but also everything other mothers told me – Jogni pointed out.

Marko Miljkovic
Marko Miljkovic

– I was in shock for a few days in terms of everything, people and obligations. The feeling is indescribable. It took me five days to get back to normal. I am comfortable with him. I am not afraid of anything – said Miljkovic.

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