What is “Google Camera” and why are Android users coming to download it?

What is

Recently, the “Google Camera” application appeared, and it became one of the best camera applications on Android phones, with everyone racing to download and use it on their phones.

But what is the “Google Camera” app? And why makes Pictures taken from the phone are better than others To this extent?

What is the “Google Camera” app?

Google Camera is the official camera application Google pixel phoneApart from downloading external applications, this is the only way to operate the camera on these phones.

Google Camera App Icon

Thanks to this application, also known as gcam, images captured by the “Google Pixel” phone camera are now superior to many of the images captured in major phones, despite the fact that the “pixel” The camera specifications in it are less than its competitors.

Google Camera has been developed by Android system developers themselves and by the Google research team so that images can be processed after capturing them. The application works on processing images captured with the phone’s camera so that it is better than the original images captured through the phone’s official camera (with the exception of the “Google Pixel” phone which was originally used in this application Work exclusively through the medium).

Many other applications rely on this modification, ranging from “Instagram” to popular applications such as B365 and other well-known effects applications.

Take a picture across "Google camera"

Take a photo via “Google Camera”

What features does it add to your phone?

By using the “Google Camera” application, you can get a set of features such as:

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Slow motion photography

This means that the ability to shoot at a frame rate of 120 frames per second or 240 frames per second, and the number of frames varies according to the capabilities of the phone lens.

Thus, this application adds a new feature for mid-range phones that did not include the slow motion photography feature.

Bokeh effect

This effect is one of the most popular modes of photography, and is also known as “portrait mode”.

And Apple introduced this mode for the first time In his iPhone 7, and since then has become a necessity for all phone cameras.

The “Google Camera” application works to provide this technology for various Android phones and improve its results.

HDR + quality

This property expresses the standard for the accuracy of colors in images, or, more accurately, the extent of their clarity.

And this mode works to clarify the night pictures by taking more than one picture and choosing the best picture among them.

The application then works to improve the quality of the captured images by collecting data from various images captured by the application.

Smart burst

Your phone, which has Google Camera installed, can simultaneously capture a large group of images, and the number of these images reaches 10 per second.

And when you finish shooting, the phone automatically selects the best photo, and the image remains safe and the remaining photos that were taken are discarded.

Video stabilization mode

The application can stabilize video and enhance the quality of images through the “optical image stabilizer” in the phone with digital stabilization from the application.

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Google Camera starts processing the video you capture until it removes the vibrations in it, and then corrects the focus of the video.

Panorama mode

Many applications have this mode, but the “Google Camera” application transcends them in terms of being unlimited at certain angles or degrees, and through which you can use a cross-section, longitudinal or even very One can take panoramic photographs with a wide lens.


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