What is it and its CDN- Corriere.it. how to connect with

 What is it and its CDN- Corriere.it.  how to connect with

For about an hour, anyone trying to connect was greeted by a message Error 503 Service Unavailable.

Cloud service provider in the same time frame fast The fault problem is identified and resolved. It’s not yet clear whether other suppliers have encountered problems: for now, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

ale 12.57 fast She wrote: The problem has been identified and we are fixing it.

For now, there’s no indication it could be a cyberattack, he told Other Courier service Stefano Zanero, Professor of IT Security at Politecnico di Milano.

It is surprising that a tiny piece of the vast puzzle that powers the Internet is capable of causing such a huge disruption. On the one hand, a very strong platform. On the other hand, these occasional shocks underscore the fragility of its fabric. he told Ali financial Times Ben Wood, analyst D CCS Insight.

What happened?
fault is based on Content Delivery Network of the San Francisco company – the part of the network that allows content and sites to be as close to users as possible (here we explained It’s important for a platform that distributes video content, such as Netflix or Dazen, for example). fast said they disabled configuration Due to which there is an interruption.

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Courier service, which were offline for about twenty minutes, had to go to the internal backup infrastructure.

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