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  WhatsApp launches a function to avoid

WhatsApp Released a feature that has been tested in beta for just a few weeks. This is a very interesting and simple task, but very useful. Have you ever wanted to send a video and have it not done for its audio? You can record something on your device and want to send the content to a friend, but the sound is too annoying or you don’t want your mother to be heard screaming in the background: WhatsApp Just fixed this little problem with a feature on the video render screen.

Until now, removing audio from video was not very easy for the average user. It was necessary to manage the video editor to download and to find a function to reduce the volume or remove it altogether. Now things have changed a lot and this is very easy for the instant messaging platform.

The app included a feature that allows users to mute a video before sending it. All you have to do is enter WhatsApp, Select a video from your gallery and send it. In the last step you will see that it appears A new button to mute the audio: If you activate it, the video will be muted.

You don’t have to do anything else, this simple step will mute the video and the person receiving it will only see the content that was filmed without listening to the audio. This is a very interesting task that you can also use to mute a video without downloading an editor: you have to create a group with yourself, send the muted video and download it to your gallery without audio Have to do.

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This is a very simple and new trick WhatsApp If you are among the beta users, it should just be included and it should be visible on your cell phone. We are sure that when you want to send a video, you will use it more than once and someone will have said it while talking.

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WhatsApp Allows you to mute videos.


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