WhatsApp reveals what changes with ephemeral messages starting today

WhatsApp reveals what changes with ephemeral messages starting today

WhatsApp Today formalizes the news to management NS momentary message, that is, those that automatically disappear after a certain time after sending. functionality was Introduced in the stable version of the popular messaging application in the fall of last year, then the theory was extended to Photos and videos disappearing from chat once they are opened, but recent beta he suggested Work is in progress to further refine this, an activity that takes shape with today’s announcement. The purpose is simple: to give users the ability to decide whether and for how long to keep their messages.

In more detail, there are two novelties:

  • You can turn on ephemeral messages by default in all new personal chats, By selecting the function, existing chat settings will not be changed and no chat messages will be deleted. Activation of ephemeral messages will automatically cause an alert to appear within the new chat notifying the interlocutors of the choice. It should be noted that the function deletes both received messages and those sent within the chat. The default also does not apply to group chats where ephemeral messaging can still be enabled: In a group chat, any participant can activate momentary messages. However, administrators can change group settings so that only administrators are allowed to enable this feature
  • they have been added Two other options for the duration of ephemeral messages: up to 7 days (already existing), they are added 24 hours and 90 days,

How does this work

as for the activation of Transient messages by default in personal chats Just follow this path:

  • Select WhatsApp “Settings”
  • “Account” > “Privacy” > “Default Message Timer” > Select Duration

The function can be deactivated through the same path. Keep in mind that ephemeral messages can always be captured via screenshot during the period in which they appear in the chat, so the suggestion is to always and only share them with trusted people. To take advantage of the new options, you need to check that you have updated the app to the latest version available (it may take some time before distribution starts).

For anything not explicitly indicated, please refer to the website and the official FAQ (link in source).


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