WhatsApp takes action for long-awaited feature

WhatsApp takes action for long-awaited feature

As per the news of Shift Delete, WhatsApp, which is the first application to come to mind of millions of users when it comes to messaging today, comes with a new feature every day.

While the web feature, which was introduced in previous years, makes applications more functional by providing messages from a computer, there are two innovations that are eagerly awaited and requested: phone-free operation and support for multiple devices.

Currently, it is not possible to view or send messages from WhatsApp when the phone is turned off or the internet is off. Also, when you log into WhatsApp Web from a device, if you want to switch to another device, you will need to log out. Now these problems are completely gone. WhatsApp has started testing multi-device support.

WABetaInfo announced the availability of multi-device compatibility with version, which is currently in the testing phase. Thanks to this innovation, which can be tested by participants in WhatsApp’s iOS beta process, you can use WhatsApp on up to four different devices and one mobile phone at the same time.

In addition, you can continue messaging even if your phone is not switched on or connected to the Internet. With this innovation, the iPad version of WhatsApp, which has been spoken for three years but hasn’t experienced any development, is expected to be available to users in a short period of time.

Since this feature is currently in beta, it will take time for users to roll it out. In addition, there was a warning that you may experience the following issues when you start testing this feature by participating in beta;

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Live location and pinned chat may not work properly. You can’t chat or call people with an older version of WhatsApp on their phone from the web/desktop apps.

Speaking in a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said that “Syncing all messages and content is a huge technical challenge.


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