WhatsApp will tell you who is talking about you in the group

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The WhatsApp messaging app continues to announce various innovations on its platform. As per an announcement made by Meta, As soon as you are a member of a group, it is possible to be notified as soon as you are mentioned in the discussion, This innovation means that every user of the application will have the opportunity to have a better idea of ​​the people it indexes within groups.

The specialty of this innovation is that the profile photo of the person who mentions the user’s name appears in the notification. For now, the innovation remains at an experimental stage and has only been revealed to a few beta testers on iOS 15. No information has been made public during the period during which the innovation will be normalized. But remember that this is not the first innovation that WhatsApp brought to its users at the beginning of the year.

There are already innovations in WhatsApp Business

whatsapp business Already offers new features to its users. The application allows a company to connect with its customers with integrated tools that facilitate exchanges. The company can create a catalog of its products and display them. More than 500 million users of the application will be entitled to many other innovations according to the beliefs that have been created by some sources close to the messaging system.

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