WhatsApp’s multi-device mode reaches the iPhone

El modo multidispositivo de WhatsApp llega a los iPhone


17 September 2021 19:00 GMT

The new mode allows up to four separate devices to be connected “independently”, without requiring the phone to be connected to a network.

WhatsApp’s multi-device mode has reached the iPhone, so its users will be able to link up to four devices at the same time, though only one of them can be a phone, reported this Thursday. zataka.

This new approach began rolling out in the beta phase last July, but it was not available to all users. Now, those who have an iOS device with the latest version of WhatsApp,, will have access to it.

This mode allows multiple devices to be linked “independently” without having to connect the phone to the network. To do this, it is necessary to scan a QR code like in the WhatsApp web service.

According to the portal specializing in the technology, one of its main limitations is that it doesn’t allow connections from another iPhone. It also indicates that not available for ipad Because they still don’t have a native WhatsApp ‘app’.

The next expected improvement is the arrival of the stable version of Multi-Device Mode via iPad Construction of your own application. Xataca states that it could happen before the end of this year.

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