Why is a cell phone hot?


Technology It is a part of daily life of hundreds of people. In this context, it is necessary that A. Cell Hey smart Fone Which facilitates communication. However, it Tools They are not free from suffering problems and many times, they can Overheat And present some flaws.

Whether it’s surfing the Internet for long periods of time, staying on multiple social networks at the same time, taking pictures, talking on the phone for a long time, or simply using GPS, Cellphone they can do Overheat And although it is not necessarily dangerous, the increase in Temperature will do it mobile Work slowly.

One of The reasons Why a Cell phone hot This is that a malware or virus has infected the operating system of the device. This type of malicious software is installed Cellphone When unknown applications are downloaded. However, there are other reasons mobile equipment In force Get warm. in Takebeet We tell you

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Huawei is a technology company noted Cellphone Can be hot during burden, Because the chargers supply high current, which can cause More heat; When the Wi-Fi signal is weak, because TELEPHONE Transmission power will increase; And in the meantime video callsAs they use the internet and cameras at the same time, which can consume a lot of battery and cause it Phone heating.

Chinese company combines other Why cell phones can be hot: During the update, with long phone calls, while playing music Applications Running in the background, downloading apps, using GPS, and watching long videos.

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For its part, Apple, the American company dedicated to designing and producing electronic devices, shows that there are many The reason for cell phone heating up. It recommends that multinational-owned iOS devices are placed in locations where the ambient temperature is between 0 ° C and 35 ° C, outside of this range a change in behavior can be considered in the device.

On their support page, Apple Show that some Ios phone can be hot These are: when the device is first configured, in the event of a backup being restored, when using apps or functions with high quality graphics, and when the app re-catalogs or analyzes the information; For example, when tagging faces, locations, or keywords on a photo after a software update.

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In these situations, Apple mentions that it is a overheating Normal and that the cell phone will return to its normal temperature when the processes are finished. However, the US company warns that there are other chains Reasons that mobiles may heat up And exceeds the recommended temperature.

Apple indicates that environmental conditions may also be a reason The device heats up, Which can usually cause a change in the cell phone compartment.

other Why cell phones can be heated Are: holiday Tip In the car on a hot day, exposing it to prolonged direct sunlight, and using certain functions in hot conditions or in prolonged direct sunlight; For example, GPS tracking or car navigation, or using games with high quality graphics.

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In one of these situations, the Apple support page mentions that Cell This may show negative results. If the iOS mobile phone exceeds the recommended temperature, the screen may turn dark or completely black, the signal is likely to be weak, the camera may be temporarily disabled, charging is slow, and in apps with graphics Smartphone performance will decrease. High quality.

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In addition, Apple stated that the alert message “Temperature: iPhone needs to be cooled” may appear on the device and the screen may be turned off. In this case, it is recommended to discontinue Cell, Keep it in a cool environment and let it cool, like this Cell It will resume its functions as soon as possible.

To control Temperature of a cell phone, Present Applications Such as “battery temperature” and “AIDA 64”, which help measure heat levels near a device and send information one by one Overheating.


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