Windows 11 leaked, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system

Windows 11 leaked, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system

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explained by the report of tom warren correspondent of ledge Famous technology website of the United States on June 15

Operating System windows 1 1 Upcoming release of (Windows 11) Microsoft (Microsoft) surfaced in the online world. Baidu publishes all screenshots of Windows 11 together after Chinese website user interface (user interface) start menu (Start Menu) Facelift and much more in the first place.

The biggest noticeable change is the taskbar, where application icons are centered around the bar. Updated to a simpler version than what is currently available, including buttons and the Start Menu windows 10 (Windows 10) without square screen application (Live Tiles) in the Start Menu.

Start menu in Windows 11 pinning app (pinned apps) recent file list (Recent Files) and can quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. It’s actually a lot easier than what’s available in Windows 10 today. But if you don’t want that there is also an option to move them all back to the left as before. And there is also a dark mode to use simultaneously.

Windows 11 also uses rounded corners in both right click menu (context menu) square button application (around apps) and file manager (File Explorer) Including the start menu, but haven’t yet concluded whether to use all the rounded corners as it’s still Windows 11 that came out and expect to see changes. built-in application Even more built-in apps in Windows 11.

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Additionally, a new app icon appears in the form of the taskbar. Widget Redesigned widgets for scrolling through news, weather and web content that Microsoft is rumored to bring. Windows Widgets (Windows Widgets) is back in Windows 11 as well.

Windows 11 also has a function to control how windows are arranged. Expand window to full screen button (max button) arranged in a grid of 3 parts or 4 parts with options on either side or on it desktop (desktop)

Microsoft has indicated that it is ready to launch Windows 11, announcing on Twitter that a special event will be held on June 24 from 11:00 AM Eastern Time (10 PM KST) and the video invitation number for the event. There is a long shadow window of size 11.

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