Xbox boss Spencer apparently shows off new console on the shelf

Microsoft (Unternehmen) von Microsoft

Xbox boss Phil Spencer congratulates the Fallout series’ 25th anniversary via Twitter — and accidentally or intentionally reveals the next Microsoft console. It sounds a bit strange, but it has happened.

While a tweet from Phil Spencer revealed much about the incident, one detail emerged: On the top shelf is a small white box with the Xbox logo on it. This is apparently the keystone.

Keystone: Streaming Console

Behind the moniker is Microsoft’s next console, which will be quite different from the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. keystone, like this Microsoft already disclosed this in May 2022, will be console only streaming and will be compatible with any TV and monitor. The premise is Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is included in Xbox Game Pass and already supports many games.

This is exactly the streaming device that users want to see in Phil Spencer’s tweet. The white box at the top of the shelf looks like an Xbox Series S, but it’s a little too small. Instead, such a compact model would certainly be suitable for a streaming console.

Microsoft itself indirectly confirms that this is clearly the keystone. Regarding Spencer’s tweet commented The official Xbox account read with the words “What about we put the old prototype on the shelf, boss?”

Keystone details still unclear

Going by these words, this is actually Microsoft’s planned streaming hardware — but probably not the current version. Microsoft has been known to dismantle earlier Keystone prototypes to begin development from scratch.

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So it’s possible that Phil Spencer’s Shelf is this old prototype that’s reminiscent of a smaller Xbox Series S. How advanced the current version of Keystone is is unclear.

There are almost no details about the planned streaming hardware from Microsoft. This will probably change only after the official announcement.


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