You should disconnect these devices from the power supply – this is not advisable for others

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Given the energy crisis, suggestions for saving electricity are welcome – as long as they are suitable for everyday use. Read here which devices you can safely unplug and which networks you should be connected to.

Munich – Energy crisis is feeling itself in the wallet in all kinds of situations. Saving electricity – paradoxically – has turned into a perennial favorite and tips suitable for everyday use are worth real money. apart from Gadgets that significantly reduce energy consumption within your own four walls Other power guzzlers can be stopped with a very simple process: unplug. However, the shot can backfire, as some tools come with many harmful consequences, When it is disconnected from the power supply,

Power saving: These home appliances are power-consuming – here’s why it’s worth unplugging them

Unplugging the refrigerator overnight is clearly not a good idea—only tips for energy-saving operation here can help. However, some home appliances are real power consumptions that can be easily removed from the grid in daily life without any inconvenience. As SWR environmental editor Dominic Bartoschek knows, these include kettles and toasters. Plugging in appliances only when needed not only saves money but also reduces the risk of fire.

Pulling the plug isn’t a problem with many everyday appliances and it saves money in terms of power consumption. (Iconic Image) © IMAGO/CTK Photo/Petr Svancara

The same can be said about devices that are rarely used. who, for example, no avid coffee drinker Anyone who rarely listens to the radio or uses the mixer only occasionally can unplug equipment until they need it. it is possible in some circumstances Avoid electrosmog too, “Stop Grounded Appliances With Metal Cases,” As The Foundation Says IBES life without electrosmog communication, although the creation of large-scale electromagnetic fields; However, if the plug is pulled, the magnetic field is definitely no longer there.

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Power Saving: Is Unplugged Technique Better? not always a good idea

In the case of technical equipment, it is generally recommended to pull the plug. especially The charging cable should always be disconnected from the power supply after use. Will. They also consume energy when they are not charging a device. A Swiss study on the power consumption of the mains plug also showed that one model had an “annual consumption of electricity in excess of one kilowatt hour”, Bartoschek reports, “just to plug into the socket”.

However, other devices should be connected to the mains if possible, even if you can save power by unplugging them overnight. These include WLAN routers, printers, and OLED TVs, such as Portal. hna From, got to know. The reason is that as with all of these devices, there can be drawbacks to unplugging them.

WLAN routers often have to be reprogrammed when plugged in and may not be able to perform the necessary updates. In addition, they now often supply other devices, such as smartphones, landline phones or smart home system With wireless internet, that certainly doesn’t apply if the router isn’t plugged in. Printers typically calibrate and clean when they are powered up again, which costs electricity and ink. In fact, plugging and unplugging OLED TVs can damage them. They update their pixels in the background; Interrupting this process can affect image quality.


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