Your iPhone battery will now repair itself – multimedia

Your iPhone battery will now repair itself - multimedia

System update iOS 14.5 brings many new functions to your iPhone. The battery is monitored and replaced free of charge if necessary.

Apple has released a new trial version of the iOS 14.5 mobile operating system for developers. In this so-called beta version, several new functions have appeared that will be available to users in the future. A feature should be particularly useful.

So you should be able to rearrange the battery of the iPhone in the future. The process takes place according to a Supporting documentAppeared on the Internet for a few weeks and runs during the iPhone’s normal charging cycle.

Get new battery for free

With recalculation, the percentage performance of the battery should be more accurate. In other words: If 37 percent of the battery is still displayed, the device should not shut down suddenly after 15 minutes because the display was incorrect. a Problem, Which apparently occurs repeatedly with some users.

Recalibration probably works on 11 series of devices, namely on the phone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. IOS 14.5 must be installed. The update will likely be made available to all users this spring. If recalibration fails, a message appears on the iPhone that the smartphone should be taken to the Apple Store. It is said that the battery will be replaced there for free.

Unlock with mask

The new iOS version 14.5 also provides a way to unlock the iPhone: because Face ID – the facial recognition name for unlocking new iPhones with your own likeness, is one of the Kovid 19 epidemic times. There is a nuisance. Because Face ID and mouth and nose protection, which you have to wear in many places these days, are not very well received. Whether in public transportation or in the supermarket – users who want to use their iPhone in these situations have only one option: to unlock the device with their personal code. With iOS 14.5, the smartphone can be unlocked through the Apple Watch.

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The new software version also brings over 200 new emoji to iPhones. Controllers of PS5 and Xbox Series X game consoles can also be used with Apple devices after the update. According to The system should be published to all users in April.

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