£50,000 for a house on a secluded island: Scotland is attracting young families

£50,000 for a house on a secluded island: Scotland is attracting young families
WATCH VIDEO: £50,000 for a house on a secluded island – Scotland is attracting young families.

Would you move with your family to a desert island for £50,000? Officials in some Scottish islands offer this amount as a welcome bonus for young families settling there. The first payments are to be made to newcomers this summer.

“We are launching a new Island Relations initiative to support people living in or moving to some of our vulnerable communities,” the government said in a statement.

In total, the Scottish Government is providing £5 million for 100 applicants by 2026. The government scheme does not specify which Scottish island families can apply. However, the islands particularly affected by the wave of migration should be taken into account.
It includes several remote Scottish islands.

The Outer Hebrides, which the government estimates could lose up to 14 percent of its residents by 2041, have been particularly hard hit. The Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands are projected to decline by about 2.2 percent.
Over the past ten years, most of the Scottish Isles have lost part of their population. The average age on the Scottish Isles has also risen sharply in recent decades.
Source: scottish government BBC time up scottish government

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