66-year-old father dies

66-year-old father dies

Ian Morrell, a 66-year-old father, died bravely on February 12 saving family pet Simba, who had fallen into cold water in the Bo’Ness Curling Pond Scotland. Doctors have long struggled to save her life after flying her to the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Edinborough, where she is tragic Dead soon after. To report its story is EdinburghLive.

It is only after 12 noon when emergency services move towards Kinneel House, to Mr. Morrell and him Cane In critical condition after struggling to survive in cold water. Scottish police said the dog was recovered and released under the supervision of the SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

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Words cannot describe what I am going to say… As you all know that the death of my father, Ian Morel, is tragic and has not happened…

Posted by Alana Morrell Saturday, February 13, 2021

In a tribute tribute, Mr. Morrell’s heartwarming daughter, Alana Morrell, mourns the loss of her “best friend,” “model and inspiration”, grateful for the fatherhood that saved the life of dog Simba in the tragedy Helped. “For my best friend, Father, I will always be in vain for you and my life will never be without you. I hope you can be with me during my next goals »said the girl.

“I hope to make you proud and wish that I had one last chance to thank you for everything in the last 20 years. Holidays, for letting me explore skating competitions for more than 5 hours, without To leave the edge of the rink. 20 years of memories for a lifetime ».

“If I could go back to school or sing my song in the car on weekends where you took me swimming and we got a blue slush or a banana milkshake from McDonald’s, I’d do it again. Heartbeat. There are not enough pages in a book to write everything. You will never understand how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and I wish it was different. ‘

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«You made me that person today Trying to never give up and always do your best. I am truly heartbroken because I will never hear your voice or there will be anyone to reassure me through my worries and problems or rescue me at 4 am. I still hope you walk in that door and shout “Maya Nan”. I will do anything in this world to make it and I will never let you go again. ‘

“Nobody in this whole universe was better than my father. He gave me everything and more. It went above and beyond for me and was the best role you could ask for for a great role model, an inspiration that I hope now resides within me. It will be a long time before we meet again, But I hope you are having fun, you deserve the world. “The girl said:« One last big thank you for risking your life to save Simba. I know how much you loved him and I really hope that a part of you lives in him Like you loved him with all your heart, just for me. ”

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Friends and acquaintances of the man recalled her on social media, describing her as “a gem and a gentleman” and “always smiling and smiling”. A friend said: «An ultimate diamond of a man. He will be depressed by many ». Another user wrote: “It was one in a million that would always laugh and smile and take the time to chat and laugh and I’ll always remember it that way.”

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A Scottish police spokesman spoke to the Scottish media, reconstructing the tragic story: “On Friday 12 February 2021 at about 12.45, police found a man in Curling Pond, Kinnear’s Wood, Bow ‘ness and a dog in the water Report found. “The man was rescued from the water by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and taken by Helmid to the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, where he later died. The dog was rescued from the water and left in the care of SSPCA Granted. The investigation is still on.

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