A solid French XV Mate Scotland – France XV

Un XV de France solide mate l’Ecosse

The Blues won a padlock game 22–15, and ended a six-year deficit at Murrayfield.

Do not start picky. The Blues won and it is nothing. In Scotland, since 2014, France’s XV have lost four in a row. Proof that going to Murrayfield is not a joyous journey. It was these Habs who conceded their only defeat since Fabian Galthey’s appointment as coach last March. Avenged Without the flamboyant performances these young rosters have given us recently. A needy success, torn in the heat of the rook-rook, ruthlessness. Thank you for your continued presence in the fight. It is also commendable. Especially since then, once again, French players have also been frequently punished. A recurring evil. Annoying.

So it was tough. The difference was made by the accuracy of reliable scorer Thomas Ramos in the absence of Romain Ntamack (5/6), in response to Duncan Wear returning from Scotland. Finn Russell and Adam Hastings were injured, the vintage haircut opener in tribute to Kala Garfunkel actually found number 10 of XV’s Thistle for the first time since October … 2015 also with a controlled drop from Mattheau Waterbert it was done. In the end, and above all, it happened on a lone attempt at a padlock meeting.

The Blues have overcome a six-year deficit in Scotland.

An essay by Virmi Vakatawa. The Fijian native’s center was beaten with a hand on a low kick from Gayle Fikou (9)I) is. He had failed to spin in-goal just before the break. But, served a little early, on a breakthrough inside winger Vincent Rettez, he still resisted the return of two Scots to finish their race in the Promised Land (12–19, 42I) is. A final scorer exchange and XV of France eventually put their pet peeve (15-22) down, ending the current series of five wins for Scotland.

“It’s just the win that matters. Everyone likes it. We win, we have to keep it “

Charles olivon

Finally, if the content has not met recent expectations, winning such a match is not important. These blues also know how to hang, what not to give, close ranks. Indispensable asset when there is lack of inspiration, reminder, acrobat pass. At the end of the match, all smiling captain Olivon said, “It’s just the wins that matter.” Everyone likes it. We cultivate victory, we have to maintain it. “

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One last match against Italy at the Stade de France


The Blues meet Italy at Stade de France on Saturday

It would be necessary to win again next Saturday (9am) to finish first in Group B at the Stade de France against Italy and thus in the final of this new Autumn Nations Cup to be played at Twickenham on 6 December, perhaps , England. A crunch that would be disputed without most of the officials of this new French team. They actually ended up with 18 (Dupont, Wakatawa, Fiku … but also the full pack and its replacements) touring that checked the three match sheets authorized by the Dupes agreement with the league. With sixteen novices supervised by Serin or Jalibert (who were disqualified from Murrayfield, where he was working for Romain Ntack, injured).

A parenthesis during which some names may appear. It would not be easy without the elite team launched with joy by Fabine Galthey in February. “We had a wonderful year 2020 with this new group”, summarizing Charles Olivan by February 2021 before leaving his stripes.


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