A1 north of Peterborough closed after an accident involving a police vehicle

Two police officers have been taken to hospital following the collision which closed the A1 in both directions today (November 25).

The crash involved a police vehicle and two heavy goods vehicles at 11.23am at Colsterworth.

Lincolnshire Police said: “Two police officers have been taken to hospital with injuries that are not considered fatal.

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Another HGV driver has also been taken to hospital.

“We appreciate the patience of the people affected and ask if you are able, please avoid this area. The A1 is likely to remain closed for some time to the south.

“A1 Northbound will reopen soon.”

Emergency services are present, including Lincolnshire Police. Highway England said it had deployed staff to assist.

Road users are advised to anticipate disruptions and allow additional travel time.

The details and guidance of the diversion route are as follows;

Users of the Northbound route are advised to follow the solid circle diversion symbol.

Exit A1 towards Stamford, turn left onto A606.

Continue to A606 / A6003 / B640 Okham Bypass Circle. At the roundabout, turn right onto the A606 Burley Park Way on the Okham Bypass and head straight onto the A606 / B668 roundabout, the Ashwell Roundabout and the Railway Bridge Roundabout, then proceed to the Barlath or Roundabout.

At the Barlithorpe roundabout, turn right and head from A606 toward Melton Maubrey. In Melton Maubre, north along Burton Street, then to Lister Street, then north to Wilton Road to A606 / A6006 / A607 to Wilton Road / Norman Way Junction.

At junction, turn right onto Norman Road and continue at A607 / B676 Thorp Lane Junction Turn left onto A607 Thurp Lane. Continue to Thorp Arnold, Waltham on Wills, Croxton Cariel, and Harlexton to the villages on the A1 / A607N / B Slip Road roundabout. Turn right to rejoin A1 north.

Southbound road users are advised to follow the hollow diamond diversion symbol. Exit A1 on A607 for Harlexton, head straight onto the Swingbridge Road roundabout. Turn right at the A606 west. Head straight to the Farmer Arms Pub Round towards Melton Maubre.

At Norman Way / Thorpe Lane Junction, continue straight onto A606 Thorpe End and Sherrand Street Turn left onto Burton Street, south of Melton Maubre. Proceed to the Barlithorpe Roundbat with the A606. Turn left onto the Okham Bypass and head straight for the Railway Bridge Roundbat, Ashwell Roundbat and A606 / A6003 / B640 roundabout to A606 / B668. Turn left and continue on the A606 through the villages of Whitwell and Ampingham to A1 / A606 Stamford Southbound Junction, turn left to join A1 South and turn left.

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