Alex Salmond is playing a risky game

Alex Salmond is playing a risky game

Originally, the dispute between former Scottish regional president Alex Salmond and his successor Nicola Sturgeon led to a sexual affair. Salmond is now heading towards a regional election with a new party on 6 May. Does this mean that the “super majority” for freedom is within reach? Or do Salmond’s actions harm the nationalists?

Alex Salmond’s return to the political arena has made the starting point for regional elections in Scotland all the more unexpected.


The promotional video begins with shots of the mythical Scottish landscape in fog, through which the sun hopefully moves. This is followed by a close-up of a statue of the Scottish king Robert I in armor, who was responsible for the Arboth Declaration in April 1320. In it to Pope John XXII. The written letter affirmed the independence of the Scottish Kingdom and rejected English attempts to subjugate Scotland. The then Scottish Regional President and former head of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Alex Salmond in the picture and launched the campaign for the new Alba party in the online event For regional elections on 6 May. The notion that 66-year-old Salmond is following in the footsteps of royal freedom fighter Roberts I cannot be dismissed.

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