‘Animal Crossing’ players can deck their virtual yards only with BD BidDen campaign icons

'Animal Crossing' players can deck their virtual yards only with BD BidDen campaign icons

“Animal Crossing” has been a huge success for Nintendo, and the Biden campaign is trying to earn its popularity by campaigning directly on the platform.

“Christian Crossing is a dynamic, diverse and powerful platform that brings communities from around the world together,” Christian Tom, director of digital partnerships for the Biden campaign, said in a statement. “Our campaign is an exciting new opportunity for Biden-Harris supporters to join and engage in building and decorating their islands.”

There are four yard signs available: a bidon-Harris logo, a team-only logo, a “same” “gaur logo” and an aviator’s image. Will share gameplay. “

It’s a unique partnership, but it’s not the first time a presidential candidate has used a video game to try and reach a vote.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign took place An event Back in 2016 at Pokest 35 in Ohio. Pokestops is an area where users can go to collect a free item in the game “Pokemon Go”.

Clinton also mentioned the app at a campaign rally. “I don’t know who created Pokemon Go, but I’ll try to figure out how to get Pokemon to vote.”

& # 39;  Animal Crossing, & # 39;  Nintendo Switch bestseller, now lets you go swimming

The Trump campaign is not currently giving hints of a yard in the game.

Samantha Zagger, the national press secretary for the Trump campaign, told CNN: “All this explains: Biden thinks he’s campaigning for the presidency of the Animal Crossing from his basement. “

Although Animal Crossing gamers have created custom designs in support of both Trump and Biden, it seems that there are dozens more designs with the search terms “MAGA” and “Trump” than “Biden”.

Not all of Trump’s custom designs ask for his choice, some are just memes of his likeness.

In early august, Nintendo has sold 22.4 million copies “Animal Crossing”, which just keeps it behind “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.”
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