Are you in Scotland and want to get a monroe? Some practical advice

  Are you in Scotland and want to get a monroe?  Some practical advice

I am Monroe The Scottish mountains are More than 914 meters And are named after Sir Hugh T. Monroe, First detected and listed them. in totalityThere are 282 monkeys across Scotland.. The challenge is to win them all and once you are successful, as they say in those parts you will become a “complainer” or “munroist”.

Why climb a monroe?

It is certainly a popular way to explore the highest mountains in Scotland. The difficulties are distinctly different from those in 282, but some are suitable for beginners as well. In addition, Monroe’s conquest has a broader objective as it is a real challenge and After reaching each peak, As the Scots say, you have realized A ‘perfection’, An archaic word but which gives the idea. A person who manages to climb all Munro will have a huge sense of accomplishment along with being a ‘perfectionist’.

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MUNRO_3Start with “easy” people

Some Monroes offer the opportunity to trek to the top of these stone towers, making the latter a more difficult climb. Although defined as easy, hiking in the mountains is never easy, You have a habit of being well trained and walking in the mountains. In any case, by consulting the sites of Mountaineering council of scotland or Wockhilllands, You can get important information about safety, description of routes, type of terrain to choose the route that best suits your level of experience.

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Some offers

Ben lomond It is the southernmost monroe in Scotland and one of the most popular. A well-marked trail leads to the summit from which some of the best views of Lom Lomond are enjoyed.
Ben chonji, In Pertshire, this may be an excellent option as a first approach to climbing Monroe. This provides an easy path to follow and encounters relatively few technical difficulties. From its summit you can enjoy spectacular views of the Glen Turret and the Luch Turret, and on the way it is increasingly likely to be confronted by white rabbits.

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Mount Kean It has the appearance of a large dome which stands in open countryside. It is the easternmost Monroe in Scotland and its relatively easy route to the summit makes it ideal for beginners. The easiest and fastest route starts from Glen Esk, but you can also choose the Glen Tanner natural route if you wish. Its summit offers a spectacular view over the open moor and it is possible to see the majestic red deer at Glen Esk.

With their vast mountain ranges built centuries ago, the Northwest Highlands is a true pedestrian paradise. Fion bheen town It represents one of the easiest mountains in the region and offers spectacular views over the impressive surrounding landscape.

Will put Ben worlich And Monroe nearby, lo Stuc a churin, Exit the lush green grounds of Trossachs National Park and dominate the surrounding landscape. The climb to Bell Vorlich is relatively simple for beginners and offers unmatched views of the sparkling Looch Earl. If you are well trained, you can combine this walk with a slightly more challenging hike, winning Stook a Chroin and two Monroe in a day.

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MUNRO_1Some advice

If you are not an expert, Try climbing only in summer. Don’t be afraid to leave Ascent and go back. If the weather suddenly changes, which is quite common in these parts, or the climb becomes very difficult for you, do not force yourself to proceed to the top. Always go together By a more experienced traveler, so that he can pass on some advice for the ascension and teach you to read the map and orient yourself with the compass. Always tell someone when you are going, where you are going and when you plan to return.

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What to wear

a pair of sturdy shoes Which supports your ankles well (not sneakers). dresses In content Instant drying. Hiking pants. Lightweight waterproof jacket and pants. A multipurpose neck warmer.

What to bring with you

a convenient Trekking backpack With the support of the waist and chest. food and water. Empty clothes. A compass, a map And of course a camera, Otherwise we would never believe that you managed to get Monroe!

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