Between 3 bicycle forests, lakes and ancient sanctuaries in Scotland

3 itinerary between forests, lakes and ancient abbeys in Scotland

Scotland There is a scenario that mesmerises you and you can Also live in a bicycle saddle, Wandering through the jungles, during a stream on a winding coastal path or marsh. To try to get inspired by these places surrounded by nature, the wind lengthens your hair while pedaling. A series of well-marked and structured itineraries.
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Scotland, where the pedal bicycle was born

Bicycles have always been a widely used tool in Scotland and it is here that the history of two wheels has taken a decisive step forward in its technological development when the blocker Kirkpatrick Mack Milne He managed to place two cranks on the front wheel axis, powered by two “lever” pedals like the famous one. Dresina, iInvented by the German baron Karl Dress and considered the ancestor of the modern bicycle. It was 1838.
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3 enchanting itineraries

Track for all tastes, For all ‘feet’ and above all with a wide variety of landscapes ranging from sandy shores to the streets of the city of Edinburgh, but also to the hills and wooded moat of Shetland or along the coastline and shore to the pristine Scottish borders. There are scenic sanctuaries.
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Hybrid Way

Challenging route, Especially because of its overall length, 297 km, Obviously the program at different stages (when there is time ..). Outer hebrides Is enchanting and this route begins on National Network Route 780 (Starting at point Watersey, Lewis arrives butt) To cover the entire length of the enchanting hybridian range. External. On the way you can come across paradisiacal beaches, Callgirl spiral, An impressive complex of about 50 megaliths, dating back to around 3000 BC, and Faro di butt of lewis. Estimated time is six days, but fewer steps can be planned.
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Edinburgh City Center to The Shore

The Scottish Capital offers a Wide choice of bicycle paths, Free from traffic and which were built using old railway lines. this The path is actually very simple And very little (2,9 km), So that the option is a good walk. Starting point is Scotland street While arrival Sandport place, Approximate time 10 minutes. Using sprouts inner tube It is easy to discover the route from New Town to the center of the Shore in Leth, where you cannot miss the local gastronomic features before you go. Royal Yacht Britannia.
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scotland_melrose-abbey_34 Abbu

It certainly is More challenging route. 88,51 km Total time that goes 5 to 6 hours. You can visit everyone 4 Famous Abbey of the Scottish Border (Melrose, Dryburgh, Kelo and Jedburgh). A highly scenic route through the scenic countryside of the borders, follows mainly quiet roads, even on the roads traveled by cars, some sections are impassable. It is recommended that this tour be given a ‘break’, which can be optionally dealt with by clocking, but stopping one day at every four places, also counterclockwise.
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