Book Tip: Scotland – The Highlands II From North West to North by H. Jürgen Wehr

Book Tip: Scotland - The Highlands II From North West to North by H. Jürgen Wehr

News from 08/01/2021

by Helmi Tiesler-Venter

In his impressive travel photo book on the magical places of the exciting country, native newlywed H. Jurgen Wihr offers lots of informative location information and practical tips for travelers who want to explore the Scottish Highlands with a motorized vehicle. The tour travels northwest from the Isle of Skye and along the north coast to Orkney Island.

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Deardorf / Oppenheim. Hans Jürgen Wiehr wishes to take you on a journey through the Highlands with large format photographs of spectacular landscapes and interesting sights. A fold-out POI finder (points of interest) facilitates the overview.

The highlands shown in this section present a particularly diverse, rough and ancient landscape shaped by volcanoes and shaped by plate tectonics, exposed to the forces of the Atlantic and planned and milled by ice age glaciers?? became. In the north of Scotland is Stockholm, at the latitude of St Petersburg, south of Anchorage in Alaska and Cape Farwell in Greenland. Alternating with cold air currents, the warm Gulf Stream ensures very variable weather.

Interway’s paradise garden with its palm groves, giant ferns and exotic plants, as well as Seal Bay and May’s Castle, the Queen Mom’s resting place or the rugged cliffs of Dunkensby’s Stack at the north-east end. Scotland.

The mysterious Isle of Skye, the Isle of Fogg, is connected to the mainland by the Skye Bridge and divided into five peninsulas by deep fjords. Hikers, trekkers and mountain bikers love to hike up the Sagur Alasdair mountain, about 1,000 meters high. If you drive north on the A851, you will come from Loch Ainort, Portree, the island’s main town, Dunvegan Castle, the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland, the island’s westernmost point, Neist Point, Loch Bracadale, Loch Brittle, Will pass The mighty humps of the Cuillins and the historically important Sligachan Bridge.

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To the northwest, the approximately 260-kilometre road leads to Durness, the piece between Applecross and Ullapool, the Wester Ross Coastal Trail along the coast and through Glen Torridon to the world’s northernmost botanical garden, Interway Gardens. In addition to an astonishing variety of plants, it also offers a spectacular view of Loch Ewe with its seal banks. From Ullapool you can go on excursions in the area and enjoy the varied landscape. The most photographed castle in Scotland, Eilean Donnan Castle became important as a refuge for Robert the Bruce. The northern edge of Wester Ross is almost deserted, but the landscape is overwhelming.

To the north the A 835 offers a great panorama on the Stack Polaidh mountain, which is 500 million years old and is part of the Caledonian Mountains. Rugged cliffs, gentle bays and lush green trails are along the way, along with Loch Asynt and Ardvreck Castle. From Durnes tourist destination, a boat trip goes to Cape Wrath, but only when the sea is calm. You can explore Smoo Cave by rubber canoe. Ilion Hoan Island’s Whitten Head has impressive peaks. Loch Eriboll and Loch Loyal have soft banks. The foothills of Ben Loyal are places for contemplation and meditation. Strathy Point is 40 km east of Durnes and at the same latitude as Oslo. Orkneys can be seen from the quaint lighthouse accommodation. Viking founding Thurso is the northernmost city in mainland Britain. Ferries to Orkney Islands operate from here.

Closest to the northernmost cape is Dunnett Head, the Queen Mom’s retreat, Castle of May. It can be seen in small groups.

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On Orkney Island, you can take the ferry to Stromness. From there you can visit the large stone circle ring of Brodgar and the well-preserved sunken Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae.

Hans Jürgen Wiehr gives useful tips on roads, petrol stations, ticket booking, overnight stays, food and drink, clothing, travel times and Scottish specialties. The illustrated travel book is perfect for planning your next vacation to the particular region with anticipation. The book was published by Verlag Nünerich-Asmus, ISBN 978-3-96176-088-6. (htv)

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