Brexit. Scotland refuses to leave Erasmus

  Brexit.  Scotland refuses to leave Erasmus

Students in front of Glasgow University were deserted due to the epidemic.

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Students in front of Glasgow University were deserted due to the epidemic.

The new London student exchange program does not appeal to Scots, who are scratching the doors of the European Union …

As Brexit signals the end of Erasmus United Kingdom, Scotland is opposing. And don’t have a good eye Alternative program, called Turing, presented by London Enabling students to study in Europe and elsewhere.

Allies in europe

Scotland has got an ally. About 150 MEPs from all sides have written to Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen just to find an arrangement and allow young Scots, but also Welsh people, to benefit from Erasmus.

It is not won … These governments do not have the ability to enter into international agreements, recalls Paul James Cardwell, Professor of European Law at Starthclyde University in Glasgow.

Critics of funding

But for the Scots, there is no question of leaving. Especially since the Turing program should only cover part of the exchanges provided within the framework of Erasmus and not finance the arrival of foreign participants in the United Kingdom.

To ease critics, Boris Johnson promised to make Turing accessible to the most disadvantaged. Understood, the exact opposite of Erasmus… a pure lie, for Paul James Cardwell: European funds were for everyone.

Cultural influence

Students, trainees, adults in training … In 2019, 22,000 Britons participated in the Erasmus program, when the United Kingdom welcomed 32,000 Europeans.

Beyond the numbers, it is the cultural impact of Erasmus’ release that makes Paul James Cardwell sad. All are more important for the Scots as they cannot digest Brexit. And says they are ready, in the event of a referendum, leave the United Kingdom to return to the European Union.

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