Brexit, Sturgeon: “Scotland returns to the EU as an independent, yes to referendum”. And Johnson wants a bridge to connect it to Northern Ireland

  Brexit, Sturgeon:

The uk Says goodbye to Brussels, Garland Scotland Creates another path for himself. He also called it the day of the last election Win of Boris Johnson. Then as of today Scottish National Party Of Nikola SturgeonWhom a Westminster 48 seats out of 59 – There is only one way: a referendum that brings back Edinburgh In Europe. “We want to go back European Parliament As an independent nation – they said Sturgeon After his first exit outside Scotland Brexi In an event organized by European Policy Center– It is well known that majority of Scots Chose to live inThe European Union When he was asked the question during the 2014 referendum. The Scots say European and “our priority right now is to support EU citizens to stay Scotland And welcome to the country. They should feel like we belong to them House“. Sturgeon Draw a sharp line to the other side of North channel, Dublin The “revolution” record Sin finWere ever so strong in nationalist politics, And Conservative Premier Johnson Reload the idea of ​​connecting bridge Northern Ireland I Scotland. Signifies the link between state And two nations have the most enmity Brexi: Countries whose divorce from the European Union has given oxygen for adventure Regression.

Sturgeon: “Scotland wants to stay in EU” – “We are leavingThe European Union At a time when we have never benefited so much from the Sangh, when it has never been so much needed The European Union“, The chief said, to demonstrate that it is” necessary to be independent “to demonstrate that it is Will The majority of citizens “. That’s why we need it referendum And the declaration of independence by the government is not enough, because “it is a Democratic issue Which should be resolved politically and democratically ”. Therefore, they say, “We should agree on a process British Government In line with the explicit mandate given by us for a referendum Scottish citizens“.

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Sturgeon recalled the reasons he won ‘no’ in 2014: “Six years ago Scotland He voted in the referendum and opponents of freedom repeated many times to stay inside. The uk Would be the only way to live inThe European Union. I think it’s fair to say that it didn’t Sturgeon. “I believe that is one of the strongest support for the European Union main reason So the party I headed did well in the last elections. His position is therefore clear: “The The uk It is not a unitary state, but a voluntary union of nations – he highlighted Sturgeon – And one of these nations, ScotlandRepeatedly expressed its support for the idea of ​​remainingThe European Union. I don’t think it’s fair 5 million Can be removed from citizensThe European Union Even after 47 years, there was no opportunity to say on the future of the country. In any case, despite ” Pessimism “With” the direction directed by the British Government on future relationsThe European Unionshow that Scotland He will try to influence the dialogue so that they can take advantage of it Scotland, al The uk And the European Union. And in particular we will continue to emphasize the importance of being Business Relations As tight as possible. As long as we are part of the UK, we will try to influence government policy and work constructively ”. To guarantee “freedom of movement in the European Union”, which has “given people living in Scotland the opportunity to contribute to our economy and society”.

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A bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland – British Conservative Prime Minister relaunching it Boris Johnson In person, Vishal is ready to challenge doubts about the viability of the work. A Downing Street spokesman said Johnson instructed his staff to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the case. “At the moment we are preparing to study the idea,” he again pointed out cautiously. Service Belfast Meets the enthusiasm of the proponents of the announcement AfterThe largest party of the Northern Irish Protestant Unionist Right. But they are not lacking opinion Much less favorable; During this Skepticism Predominates Edinburgh, Especially by separatistsSNPTo the government Scotland. In addition, questions have been raised about technical constraints and costs for some time. The experts. In theory, the narrowest point of the construction of the imaginary bridge is 19 kilometers, But many designers believe that the structure, intended to rest on mega columns, must follow a long path, often to keep in stormy seas. Johnson, As mayor of former promoters of major projects (including bridges) London, He confined himself to speaking at the time of a “very interesting idea” which deserves to be deepened. While deputy Ian Paisley He had said that he was ready in December, in case of real realization of the work, to launch a campaign to rename “Ponte Boris”.


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