Che Adams, the new entry for the Scottish national team

Over the years there have been many players who have chosen Scotland despite their ties to England. We have Scott McTominay, Manchester United youngster, Newcastle’s Matt Ritchie and many more. Including one of Southampton’s best players recently, Che Adams. Scottish coach Steve Clarke has actually picked him as the new axis of the national team given his qualities as a raider and scorer. He played 58 matches with the English team and scored 11 goals. Adams played for England at U20 level and had previously refused to play for Scotland before changing his mind. The 24-year-old was born in Leicester, but has Scottish grandparents who allow her to call her.

Scott McTominay, Manchester United’s new star

What did the coach say about his call-up?

It’s been four years, so he was a young man at the time. He has matured a lot, has played a lot of games, has made it to the Premier League and has done very well.Steve Clarke, coach of the Scottish national team, told Sky Sports.

Earlier last week I received a small warning that Adams was interested in selecting Scotland as his new national team. Luckily, after some conversation, he came to us. I can’t wait to work with him and I hope he can score a lot in the next qualifiers“.

Other Scots of Scotland

Apart from Che Adams we have other news for the Scottish national team. Hibernian forward Kevin Nisbet, called up for the first time after a crucial season, scored 14 goals in 36 appearances, including the most recent winning goal in last weekend’s game against Ross County; Jack Hendry who could make his first appearance in Scotland after being picked multiple times by coach Clark; And finally Grant Hanley, Norwich defender, and John Fleck, Sheffield United midfielder.

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