Children of Scottish officials at the College of Ipa, Rome, paid for by the Institute

Children of Scottish officials at the College of Ipa, Rome, paid for by the Institute

Special Colleges in Scotland. Holidays in the Balearics or Barcelona, Ale’IPA, a social security body of 23 thousand municipal workers, which has been used for years by union members and over-indebted employees as ATMs, is funded for foreign travel of employees and managers’ children, every year only More than half a million euros is paid for the trip. of the little ones, although he was already in red with accounts. now there is one 51 million euro hole that leads the organization directly to bankruptcy, unless you pay the bill capital, from the money of all Roman taxpayers: “Bankruptcy is highly probable”, in one of the final complaints sent to the prosecutor’s office, former commissioner Fabio Cerrini, just before being repealed by Gualtieri, wrote a few weeks ago.

With millionaire loans, with shots of 50 or 100 thousand euros already given to the protesting employees, who after obtaining another mortgage, without paying the installments, were fired from the radar and disappeared, the IPA has charged fees for the vacation years. For family members of employees and managers abroad. Even top management, although this was explicitly forbidden by the statute of the body. In Article 20, which governs the “remuneration of administrators” of the IPA, it is explicitly written that “the president, vice president, members of the board of directors and auditors cannot be held liable for pecuniary gain, However they shall be of denomination and of any kind, in addition to the fee borne by the budget of the Institute”. Waste paper, really. why practice, come on Confidential Documents and Il Messiro’s TestimonyWell, it was totally different. Holidays for all. Relatives of top managers are also included.

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The daughter of a former president (salary of 90,000 euros per year), who remained in office until mid-2017, left for Great Britain in the summer for a two-week study leave in the Principality of Scotland for two years. In 2015, for example, it was in the jewel town of Dundee, home of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. The girl’s family, contacted by this newspaper, says that the holidays cost about 4 thousand euros, of which 2 thousand are paid by the Social Security Institute of Municipal Employees. Even though relatives of top management had no rights: study abroad grants, often in agreement with INPS, to the children of employees, naturally with much lower salaries than managers, along with parental pay. Should have been allowed to get permanent opportunities. ,

Former commissioner Cerini, who remained in office until shortly before Christmas, reported to prosecutors “scholarships given by the IPA to first-class relatives of the former commissioner, contrary to the statutory rules of the institution, as well as participation. In the individual’s stay abroad, through the INPS-promoted “estate inpsim” call, from which the IPA reimbursed the quota. The former manager in question, a union manager at UIL, now says he needs to take his daughter’s “travel to Scotland”. does not remember” and explains that he does not wish to make the statement “as the matter will be clarified in court”.

Ipa Roma, former manager: “only hostage from Spada, board elected by staff”

Paris and Malaga

other destination? Scrolling through the list of proposals, based on the agreement with INPS, is Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearics, then Malta, Málaga, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, London, Oxford, Paris. There’s something for everyone. INPS is now beating cash. In 2019, for example, the IPA sought more than half a million euros to settle bills for families of employees who went on vacation in 2017, when bank coffers were already emptied. Trips for which IPA cannot even settle with INPS, if any.

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Other employees already protested and followed by Equitalia’s files received loans that no bank would have ever given to pay for their children’s stay abroad: one protest employee, we wrote, received 79 thousand euros because he “needed” to send Sidney Hilton’s son; Another highly indebted employee received 42 thousand “to pay off external financial resources (in short, loans, ed) and to support his son’s studies”. So paid the IPA. But now there is a stir in the bank. At the same time, there is no money for supplementary pension of 23 thousand municipal employees.


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