Chivas, Scottish activists, go on strike

Chivas, Scottish activists, go on strike

A labor dispute Shivaz Scotland is about to turn into a strike. The reason for this is that 91% of Chivas employees reject the zero-pay round issued by the group – such as the occasional substantial wage increase in companies Diego, William Grant and Sons Oder Eddington.

Organization Unite, Which represents some of the 1,600 employees of Pernod Ricard’s company in Britain, will now hold a vote among members of affected factories to see if they want to go on strike. It will affect the plants Kilmalid And grain distillery Strathclyde.

They wanted to continue participating in the talks, but the option to strike was on the table and in the hands of the members, a union representative said.

The company countered that they would offer compensation for salary increases “in a different way, suited to the situation” to help the company through tough times.

Location in Kilmalid Still on strike Reported We about it.

Chivas site in Killamil. Picture: Image
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