Church leaders take legal action against the government for opposing the church shutdown

Church leaders take legal action against the government for opposing the church shutdown

A group of Scottish church leaders are taking legal action against the decision of Scottish ministers to close the churches during the lockdown.

C’There is a consortium of 27 Scottish Church leaders from various Christian congregations, including the Free Church of Scotland, Church of Scotland and other independent churches, ready to come together legal action On 29 January 2021, against the government.

They are represented by Christian Legal CenterAnd declare that It is illegal to close churches And violates the European Convention on Human Rights as well as the Scottish Constitution.

On 8 January, Prime Minister Nicola Strujan made it illegal to worship in the context of the epidemic and a new lockdown. A measure considered “disliked” and dangerous for “freedom of worship” by various Church leaders in Scotland.

In a letter sent to Scottish ministers 15 January, He had already confirmed that the measure went against the Scottish Constitution specifically stating that the state should not interfere in the affairs of the Church.

While pastors stress that they understand the “hardship of the situation and the importance of the epidemic”, they also believe that “the emotional and spiritual needs of the faithful and the community” cannot be met if these restrictions remain in force.

according to Christian Legal Center, Scottish ministers responded to the letter stating that states “may regulate the secular activities of churches … for the purpose of protecting public health” and that churches should “abide by secular law” and remain closed. A measure that has not been imposed in Scotland since the 17th century, when the Presbyterian Church was a victim of persecution.

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Confronted by this reaction, leaders of Scottish churches conducted a trial on Friday, 29 January, confirming the churches’ reopening that public worship is “a fundamental and unavoidable aspect” of their religion.


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