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02/24/2022 – 23:57

Reverse Logistics Limited

Munich, April 10 /PRNewswire/

Circularity Scotland Limited, the planning administrator for Scotland’s deposit withdrawal scheme, has selected Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) as the preferred implementation partner to deliver a modern and future-proof IT solution for managing deposit withdrawal schemes in Scotland. While formal agreements are being made, work on implementation has already started. This will be the most comprehensive system of its kind.

Due to RLG’s forward thinking approach and years of experience operating DRS (Return Deposit) and EPR schemes around the world, Scotland is keen to leverage this information and offer the most efficient system in the world. Over the years, RLG has proven its ability to quickly and efficiently deploy and deploy complex systems deployments in various countries around the world, including India and Canada.

Scotland will introduce a deposit withdrawal system on 16 August 2023. This will be the first deposit collection system to be introduced in the UK.

RLG CEO Patrick Wiedemann said, “I am confident that the expertise and technology we can bring to this project will aid Scotland in the development of a successful deposit collection system that will help the country meet its sustainability goals ” For over 25 years we have been working with all stakeholders within the reverse logistics value chain, driving innovation and operating a sophisticated deposit return system. With the support of Reconomy Group and the development of a technology that enables deposit return system operators to reduce costs and increase the return rate of beverage containers, we are confident that Scotland will benefit greatly from this.”

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As more and more countries in Europe and beyond are interested in solutions that support their circular economy goals, especially with the implementation of the European Union’s Single-use Plastics Directive, operators are improving traditional deposit withdrawal systems. want to do. Since deposit withdrawal systems will be in operation for decades, the design of the IT system must support future requirements from the outset.

Paul Cox, CEO of Reconomy Group, said: “This is a shining example of the impact Reconomy Group has had on global and local sustainability. By leveraging RLG’s considerable expertise and service capabilities across all of our businesses, this project is designed through the conservation of limited resources. will contribute directly to our Reconomy Group’s goal of creating a truly sustainable world.”

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Circularity Scotland Limited The system administrator of the deposit collection system of Scotland.

It is a commercial organization which works not for profit. It will implement and operate the Scottish Deposit Refund Scheme in a sustainable and efficient manner with a professional team, first class logistics and IT partners and using the latest technology.

The company was successfully approved by the Scottish Government in 2021 program administrator Appointed and acted upon to ensure the successful launch and efficient operation of the scheme, aimed at recycling 90% of single-use beverage packaging in Scotland.

The program was created with one simple goal: to make Scotland clean and green.

Reverse Logistics Group is a technology-enabled company with a highly scalable platform that connects all stakeholders within the Reverse Logistics value chain. RLG addresses the challenges of global product and material take-back by using technology to add value from product take-back and ensure regulatory compliance around the world. We work with manufacturers, retailers and government agencies to achieve new levels of business intelligence, resource efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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RLG is part of the Economy Group, a leading, technology-driven provider of circular economy services with the aim of creating a truly sustainable world by conserving finite resources. Reconomy Group helps companies around the world improve their ESG scores and provides its services in three main areas – Recycle, Compliance and Reuse.

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