Coronavirus. Cesena engineer Filippo Majoni lives in Scotland with his family. “Almost surreal to see a semi-deserted city” / Cesena / Home

  Coronavirus.  Cesena engineer Filippo Majoni lives in Scotland with his family.

To date, Thursday 26 March, there are a total of 9529 cases of coronavirus epidemics in the United Kingdom, with 135 of these patients being recovered and 465 deaths. There are currently 8929 infected people in Major’s hospitals. Yesterday’s news too Positive test results related to Prince Charles of England, While Queen Elizabeth and Philip have already found shelter in their Windsor estate for a few weeks.

In Aberdeenshire County, Scotland Aberdeen (About 220 km northeast of Edinburgh, ed) He lives with his wife and daughter, Filippo Majoni, who left Cesena overseas since February 2012. The man of Romagna is an engineer in a famous oil company of the country.

How is the UK responding to Kovid-19?

The government-imposed provisions are similar to those in Italy with the difference that you can leave home to do outdoor sports so it is not so strict.

How do you spend your days at home?

I continue to work away from my home while my wife is on maternity leave. We restrict movements to a minimum. We leave home only to shop and provide everything we need to our little girl.

How do the people of Aberdeen behave?

The city is semi-uninhabited. Almost surreal to see him at this stage. Instead, the press reports that not everyone has taken seriously strict instructions elsewhere in the country. For example, in Birmingham on Tuesday, police seized 20 people while they were attending an outdoor barbecue. I know, for example, that restrictive instructions in London are respected by some.

What is the first thing you would like to do after the Emergency is over?

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I would love to return to my main hobby which is a football referee. However, my local league, the Highland League, has announced the early end of the season, so I’ll have to wait a few more months. In the absence of this, I would drive to a pizzeria to spend a carefree evening in good company.

Despite the distance a great passion still survives, it is for Cesena football.

Over the years I have tried to follow the Premier League and the Scottish Championship, but it has done nothing but reinforce the principle that the heart is not controlled and I will always please Cesena.

Despite the distance, can you watch the race live?

Last season I was able to follow the ride from D to Serie C on TV. This year, in all honesty, I found it more difficult because of the different days and times of matches. It is sometimes difficult for a ‘deported’ person like me to date abroad.

What do you want to say to those who are reading this?

I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘good luck’ and wish all friends, acquaintances and why not all the people of Romagna to be well soon. One should think about health first. Once the situation is under control, we will have to work hard to get the economy running again. I will try to do my part by purchasing Italian products in Italy where possible and on holidays. Sometimes I think it is really unfair that the Italians suffer constantly from incidents of such effects, but luckily we are mentally strong people and all together we will climb the slope ”.

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