Coronavirus Scotland: How does the lockout of England affect Scotland?

Coronavirus Scotland: How does the lockout of England affect Scotland?

The new lockdown sanctions for England are the latest measures brought to the UK to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that pubs, bars, rest restaurants, rentals and non-essential retail would be closed from Thursday to December 2, telling people to stay home until there was a specific reason to go.

The new measures ask many Scots what they mean to them.

New restrictions

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday that he would not hesitate to take further action in Scotland if necessary, but said the decision would ultimately depend on the circumstances north of the border.

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He said the Scottish government would consider data on the spread of coronavirus “in the coming days”, and would take into account the development of England in Teva.

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, he said: “We will carefully consider the impact of today’s announcement in England – however, we will continue to make decisions that reflect the circumstances in Scotland.

“We are monitoring the spread of the virus in all parts of Scotland on a daily basis to assess the extent and pace of the recession. We will not hesitate to raise the level of protection locally or nationally if necessary.”


The main point of the Prime Minister’s announcement last night was that the Furlo scheme would be expanded during November.

This raises questions as to whether additional financial assistance will be made available in Scotland, and whether Ms Sturgeon was quick to clarify and clarify.

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He said: “We expect further discussions in the coming days on the scope for providing additional financial assistance.

Herald Scotland:

“A crucial issue for us is whether the support on the scale announced for English businesses is now available to Scottish businesses if we need to impose more restrictions later – or if it is only available if Scotland has a full lockdown at the same time. Lockdown in England. ”

The Scots have been told not to travel to England except for “essential purposes”.

M.S. Sturgeon said: “We are also asking people not to travel to England, or from England to Scotland, unless we tell people not to go to Northern Ireland or Wales.

Herald Scotland:

“We know these restrictions are difficult, but should come before public health and the spread of the virus.”

Similarly, the people of England have been told to stay at home, and so travel from England to Scotland will be limited to just the necessary reasons.

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