Coronavirus, Scotland towards mini lockdown

Coronavirus, Scotland towards mini lockdown

Many European states, in combination with common seasonal effects, are reporting an increase in coronavirus cases (LIVEBLOGspecial) And therefore, are beginning to think of pure interventions to stop the spread of the virus. Scotland want to return to a two-week mini lockdown state. The decision was taken by Scottish authorities after 697 new cases were filed yesterday, with zero deaths, on 69 October, but with the number of hospitalizations accelerating. (Countries with more information in 24 hours).

Increase in cases


Kovid-19, Oxford Vaccine: AstraZeneca Starts Trial in Great Britain

Following the rise in contagion cases, the Scottish Government has thus decided to block the start of further proliferation of Kovid-19 in Kali. In the UK, normalcy is not the best. In the last 24 hours, 12,592 new cases have been registered with dozens of deaths. Very high numbers which unfortunately follow a trend of steady growth for weeks. Also in the United Kingdom it was revealed that between 25 September and 2 October 16 thousand new cases were not counted in official figures.

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