Desperate English people – Scotland can dream

Desperate English people - Scotland can dream

LONDON (AP) – England nodded again. 0-0 win against old rivals Scotland, how could that be? Then at home too at Wembley Stadium!

“We look like old England again,” complained former international Rio Ferdinand after the unimaginable appearance against the outsider. Just a week after the European Football Championship, the former co-favorite’s status on the island has been seriously shaken. First experts criticize coach Gareth Southgate, media are looking for reasons for the shock, players are disappointed. And everyone is asking the same question: Was that a one-sided jerk? Or what’s next?

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“The Daily Telegraph” was titled “Scotland Brave, England Half-Unfinished”. Even Southgate admitted that his side had not done enough to win against the valiantly fighting Scots. However, the 50-year-old quickly tried to look ahead. “It’s a tournament,” insisted the former professional. “A point is still an important step on the way to the next round. And that’s our first goal.” Calmly, Southgate is right: with four points on hand, the Three Lions can practically plan for the Round of 16 before their final group game against the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

But most fans in England don’t take their apathy towards their neighbors seriously. At the start of the tournament, much revolves around the fundamental problems for this team. Striker and captain Harry Kane has been particularly noticeable in the European Championship so far as he was replaced shortly before the end of the 1–0 opener against Croatia and Scotland. The Guardian wrote, “Harry Kane looked out of place because the system around him was not working.” It’s problem number two: The overly talented wing tongs around Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford or Jack Grealish don’t ignite. And Jadon Sancho? He didn’t even play.

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Sancho is not allowed to reply again

«We have all these players. mold? what has he done? Something must have happened behind the scenes », suspected former national player Ferdinand. Borussia Dortmund’s attacker was also not in the squad in the Three Lions’ first game against Croatia. “I really don’t understand. In the first game he didn’t even sit on the bench, in the second game he didn’t come on the field. You have such a great seating talent”, criticized Ferdinand. Southgate switched against the Scots only twice Although he could switch up to five times, it also causes head tremors given the width of the squad.

But despite all the brilliance: England found a solution in incessant rain at Wembley against very few and few standing guests. Enthused by their own fans, Scotland defended head and heart, and it is precisely this spirit that the Bravehearts now want to carry with them in their preliminary round against Croatia on Tuesday. Captain Andy Robertson said, “It is important that we keep this feeling from the fans and ourselves so far that it was not for free.” “We have to use it to get to the round of 16.”

For this the Scots need a win against the Vice World Champion. It doesn’t seem impossible. Coach Steve Clark’s team will be able to compete again at their home in Glasgow’s Hampden Park on Tuesday. There his supporters will celebrate even louder than at Wembley. English fans will also want to cheer again on Tuesday. It now depends on your team.

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