Despite Brexit, Scotland prefers the European flag to the British

Despite Brexit, Scotland prefers the European flag to the British

Between Scotland and the United Kingdom, the divorce is over. Despite Brexit, the Scottish Government has decided to fly the European flag on all its official buildings and keep the British flag almost in the closet.

According to Instructions from the Scottish ExecutiveLed by the Nationalist Prime Minister (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon, released in late January, the Scottish Government buildings now display the Scottish flag (“Saltier”) and the European flag everyday with twelve gold stars on a blue background. Will do.

The British flag (“Union Jack”) will be displayed only once a year, during “Remembrance Sunday”, a day of commemoration and all other deadly conflicts across the Channel, victims of two world wars. This year, the day falls on 14 November.

Through this decision, Scotland wants to show its attachment to the European Union, thanks to Brexit. The British withdrawal from the EU effective 31 December has strengthened the Scottish Government’s desire for independence, insisting for Organization of a new referendumDespite opposition from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The first vote in 2014 ended with a victory of “no” at 55%.

Flag already placed before parliament

“The EU flag is flown to reflect the overwhelming vote of the Scottish people to remain in Europe, and as a mark of solidarity with hundreds of EU citizens who consider Scotland their home despite Brexit Are “, a spokesperson for the independent executive upheld, quoted by the British media.

In January 2020, Scottish MPs had already voted Maintenance of European flag in front of their parliament, In Edinburgh, thanks to the support of the SNP’s nationalist elected representatives.

The Scottish Government’s decision has been at a peak in the country. A spokesman for the opposition Conservative Party, MP Dean Lockhart, said it made no sense and confirmed the “SNP’s refusal to accept the results of the referendum”. “Like all nationalists, Sturgeon is obsessed with the flag,” he exploded On the daily express website, Indicating that she does not deal with “more important subjects”.

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