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The extreme swimmer connected Ireland to Scotland via the North Channel at 2:44 pm. (© DR)

steve stewart A man of challenge. The list of feats achieved by the seal of Wimereux is simply mind-blowing.

From this world’s most unique swimmerAbbeville Thus crossed the channel (one way again non-stop round trip), circled Manhattan Island (once again twice), swam in the cold waters ofand baicali, crossed the famous loch nesso.

On September 15, Steve Stewart left the lakes for more turbulent and dangerous waters. Seal made one of the toughest crossings in the world, the North Channel that connects Ireland to Scotland in 14:44, using only the strength of his arms and legs.

dangerous jellyfish

“The peculiarity of this race is that it is so feared by swimmers that it is carried out in extreme conditions. Jellyfish are ubiquitous, especially the Lion’s Mane jellyfish, whose filaments can reach 20 meters in length and whose bites are so violent that they Can affect breathing and heart function,” explains Steve Stewart.

with dolphins

The incredible swimmer admitted after his new feat: “Ten North Channel, a crossing between Northern Ireland and Scotland that fascinated me but let’s be honest with you, I was as intimidated by its very low temperatures as it was dangerous. Jellyfish…”

“Swim through schools of jellyfish, currents, changing conditions at 2:44 p.m., but also magical moments when we were with schools of seals and especially dolphins! Many thanks to Infinite Channel Swimming, our super pilot, Sean our Supervisor and of course the King’s swimmers, Kevin Murphy and Kathy Batts to Smith, who make dreams possible.”

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