Education Minister Gillian Keegan was unable to clarify the new Covid sanctions in a BBC interview

Education Minister Gillian Keegan was unable to clarify the new Covid sanctions in a BBC interview

Video report by Carl Dinen, Political Correspondent, ITV News

Education Minister Gillian Keegan has admitted he said he did not know the details of the new Covid rules being implemented in the north-east of England.

When asked to clarify the situation in the North East, she is sure that people in the affected areas can “find the answer”.

During an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, she said: “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have done it. I do not represent the Northeast. “

ITV News Science Editor Tom Clark has more:

His remarks came before the Prime Minister Boris Johnson Even confused by the new Covid-19 There are rules in the North East of England that he helped create like the people who live under them.

In an Exiter speech about the skills, he was asked to clarify recent steps taken to stem the rising tide of coronavirus infection amid growing confusion over changing rules.

What do people living under the new rules make of it?

In response, Mr Johnson said the six rule meant you could only get “six at home, six in hospitality”.

In the Northeast, he says, people should follow the “guidance of local authorities.”

As he understands, Mr Johnson said, “It’s not out of the question.”

He later corrected his mistake in a tweet, saying he had a “misspelling”.

Downing Street had earlier admitted that the health department was arranging “full details” of the measures announced Monday night.

Overwhelmed by the confusion, an official spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “It is a fact that events are moving at a rapid pace and it is true that we can work with local leaders to move quickly in relation to the local outbreak to ensure that we are in a position to help. Steps have been taken. To slow the spread of the virus. “

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Local leaders, however, criticized the government for not giving advance notice of the sanctions.

What are the rules for the North East?

“I think the health department has been working with local public officials, local public health organizations for several days before the announcement,” the spokesman said.

Labor deputy leader Angela Rainer called Mr Johnson “absolutely incompetent” after he failed to clarify the rules.

Education Minister Gillian Keegan was unable to clarify whether home pubs and restaurants could merge into the garden under the new rules. Deposit: ITV News

Shadow Health Minister Alex Nris Reese said: “Those volumes speak to the fact that even the government ministers themselves do not know what is going on.

“This will do little to inspire confidence in the Northeast and across the country.

“The incompetence of the Conservatives is hampering our response to this epidemic.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced Monday night that existing measures in northeastern parts are being tightened due to increasing coronavirus infections.

Large areas of the Northeast are under local restrictions. Deposit: P.A.

It was illegal for the two households to indoors or mingle in the garden, but so far it was only a guide that they should not meet in public places, including restaurants and pubs.

From Wednesday, it will be against the law to mix in any indoor arrangement of the house, but it is not clear whether people will be able to meet people from other homes outside the house in pubs or rest restaurants rents.

Changes to the sanctions apply to Northumberland, Newcastle, North and South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland and County Durham.The new rules will be enforced by law from 00:01 Wednesday, September 30, and penalties will be imposed on people living in the Northeast if the rules are violated.

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Emma Hardy, Minister of Shadow Universities, said people are finding it difficult to keep up with various local restrictions without proper communication.

“One of the weaknesses of this government is its failure to communicate clearly what the rules are for which groups of people in which areas.”

Controlling the spread of the virus, she said, “came back all the time to test, track and trace.”

“It is essential that we sort this out because if we do not face further lockdown and this lockdown comes at a huge economic cost.

“Businesses are going through a lot of panic; people are losing their jobs. They have to find a way to go beyond what this government is offering.”

Addressing lawmakers at the Consulate on Monday, Mr Hancock said: “Today I have to announce further action for the northeastern parts of the country where we launched local action a fortnight ago.

“Unfortunately the number of cases is increasing rapidly. Now the incidence rate in the whole area is more than 100 per 100,000.”

(PA graphics) Deposit: PA graphics

Mr Hancock added: “We know that a large number of these infections are occurring in indoor settings outside the home.

“And so at the request of the local council, with whom we are working closely, we will introduce legal restrictions on indoor mixing between people in the home in any setting.”

“We will not take these steps lightly but we must take them and take them now because we know that the Swift Action virus is likely to be brought under control and the sooner we can get the virus under control, the sooner we can restore freedom. “We all enjoy the Northeast and across the country,” he added.

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