End of Quarantine for Vaccination | Canadians were easily excluded in England and Scotland

  End of Quarantine for Vaccination |  Canadians were easily excluded in England and Scotland

(Ottawa) Fully vaccinated Canadians are excluded from a new easing that will exempt American and European travelers from quarantine upon arrival in England and Scotland until Monday.

The English and Scottish governments announced on Wednesday that travelers from the United States and Europe would no longer be required to self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. These changes are to come into effect from the night of August 2.

The two governments did not provide a reason for excluding Canada from these exemptions. Meanwhile, the other two countries that make up the UK – Wales and Northern Ireland – have not relaxed their existing rules.

European countries that would benefit from the exceptions of England and Scotland include EU member states except France, members of the European Free Trade Agreement, and the micro-states of Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican.

The British High Commission in Canada said in a statement that London is taking a “gradual approach” to the easing of travel restrictions linked to COVID-19. “Ensuring safe and open travel is a priority and we are working on certification with international partners to ensure that future immunizations’ travel is not disrupted,” the High Commission said.

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the new measures were meant to help family members meet each other, but also to boost trade. Shapps said his government would continue to use the latest scientific evidence.

“But thanks to our flagship national vaccination program, we have been able to begin rebuilding and rebuilding major transatlantic routes with the United States while strengthening ties with our European neighbors.”

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Scottish Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said in a statement that the change was made possible by the success of vaccination programs in Scotland, the European Union and the United States.

“Fully vaccinated travelers will be able to travel to Scotland as part of this significant easing of international travel measures, which will boost the tourism sector and the economy in general, while ensuring the health protection of the public,” he explained. .

England and Scotland have clarified that quarantine rules will still apply to any traveler who has been in France in the past 10 days. Scotland cited concerns about the spread of the beta version.

When asked about this in Vancouver on Wednesday, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said she respected the decisions. “I have great respect for the sovereign right of each country, who can enter and under what circumstances, during the (Covid) pandemic. ”


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