English amateur club desperate to be Scottish

English amateur club desperate to be Scottish

To fully understand the curious suggestion of Munich – Doncaster City FC, one must first travel to British history and geography.

Geography 1: Doncaster is in the county of Yorkshire, not far from Sheffield. The Scottish border is about 150 miles, which equates to about 250 kilometers away.

This becomes important when it comes to British history. Because – at least according to the amateur club’s interpretation from Doncaster – the city actually belongs to Scotland.

At least a spokesman for the English 13th Division club, which was founded only this year but is still very ambitious, has been claimed in the “Daily Record”.

The club’s spokesman moved Doncaster from England to Scotland

“We found that our club is actually based in Scotland,” Luke van Dom told the tabloid, citing a 900-year-old agreement between the then King of England Stephen and the then King of Scotland, David I.

In 1136, in the so-called “Treaty of Durham”, Doncaster was recognized as part of Scotland, and has never officially returned to England since then.

Why is all this so important to Doncaster City FC? He wants to make his mark as soon as possible and play in the national cup competition.

However, since entry into the FA Cup in England is theoretically possible only from the Ninth Division, Doncaster City FC would have to be promoted four times first – too long for club officials.

So now you try it the Scottish way.

Dream of a home game against Rangers or Celtic

If Manchester City, Chelsea or Liverpool are not going to be played in the near future, at least they are going to be up against the two big Glasgow clubs from the Old Firm.

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Or to quote club spokesman Luke van Dom: “Doncaster City is growing and we are dreaming of a home game against Rangers or Celtic.”

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