Epic will give you a 10 credit for playing Rocket League for free

Epic will give you a 10 credit for playing Rocket League for free

Rocket League Go for free, and play today Epic will give you $ 10 to spend in the Epic Games store If you redeem the free game there. You can bargain between now and October 23 at 11am ET. The coupon expires on November 1st at 3PM ET.

The company has not said why it is doing this promotion, but it is trying to pull PC gamers away from Steam, possibly by assuring them to switch to the PC Epic Games Store. Rocket League Now listed from Steam, but you can still run your copy there, and that version will still receive “full support for future updates and features” like cross-platform play.

Of course, this is not the first time Epic Games has tried to encourage people to use its platform to play PC games. Epic Games also offers at least one free game per week. One of the biggest giving was a free copy Grand Theft Auto To V, And the rush to sue caused an outage that lasted for hours.

The company is known for royal time-specific deals for some PC games, first launching it on the Epic Games store, such as Metro Exodus And Outer Worlds. The latter has yet to be released on Valve’s digital storefront, Where it is still listed “2020.” Like coming in


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