Essex’s new Tier 2 rules in December are different than last time

Essex's new Tier 2 rules in December are different than last time

The entire Essex Tier Two will be placed in local lockdown from next week.

The news came after Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock made the announcement at the House of Commons this morning (Thursday, November 26).

Most parts of England are placed under Tier Two or Tier Three measures, with the only exceptions being Cornwall, Isle of F White and Isles Scf Seeley which are all in Tier One.

Tier three areas include Greater Manchester, Bristol and Kent.

Under the Tier-to-Downdown, measures will be less stringent than under the National Lockdown.

But Tier 2 Essex entering next Wednesday is not the same as it was Tier 2 before the national dropdown.

To see how many covid cases have occurred in your area, type your postcode below.

With the exception of Essex, Southend and Thurrock, the measures were prominently introduced after a county council formally submitted a request to the central government in October to spread the growing infection.

But the measures were short-lived, not long after the entire country sank into the second nationwide lockdown of the year.

We are likely to face new levels of sanctions for at least a month – but how do next week’s measures differ from Lust’s time?

One similarity is that pubs and rest restaurants will be allowed to re-rent, non-essential shops will be reopened, and the gym and hairdresser will also be able to take customers back.

But unlike last time, pubs and bars will only be able to serve alcohol to customers with ‘significant meals’.

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Domestic mixing will still be banned indoors, but outdoor household mixing can last as long as people respect the six rules – like last time.

Everyone should continue to work from home if possible, and schools, colleges and universities will remain open.

Weddings and funerals can be held with a maximum attendance of 30 and at the funeral and a maximum of 15 attendees at the wedding.

But the wedding reception will be banned.

The spectator game is also back on the agenda, allowing some fans to return to the stadium.

Residents of the Tier Two area should avoid traveling in the Tier Three area if possible.

This means Essex residents are being advised not to travel to Kent.

October In October, the only areas of Tier Three Lockdown were farther away, so this new reality is different from what we are used to.

Essex County Council was hoping to get a place in Tier One, while Southend-N-Sea and Theoretic will make their first tier-two lockdown, due to dissatisfaction with Throck Council leader Rob Gladhill.

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