Euro 2020: Spain loses badly to Sweden, Scotland and Poland game | dw

  Euro 2020: Spain loses badly to Sweden, Scotland and Poland  game |  dw

There are days when he doesn’t really want the ball in football, to be more precise. Hobbyists and professionals alike can tell a thing or two about it. Today the song is symbolically accompanied by Spanish flamenco sounds, as they are typical of today’s venue Seville. And if there was a singer – Spanish strikers Alvaro Morata and Gerard would introduce themselves. Because these two had the best chance of a full series of good chances in a game against Sweden, which was dominated by the Spanish by 1 minute. Morata conceded in the first round to Swedish goalkeeper Olsen, who was also present with a reflex on the line in the 90th minute, when Gerard scored the winning goal from close range on his feet in the last minute – a one thousand percent chance Katgori. “

Domination only till the last pass

And despite the good opportunities, it was worth noting that the final pass of the youth team of coach Luis Enrique often did not want to be successful. Given the overwhelming dominance of occupation and presence in the opposing penal zone, the Spaniards were unlikely. Meanwhile, the Swedes did what they have already successfully practiced in the tournament: close everything in the back and wait for opportunities in the front. There weren’t many of them for him that evening in Seville. And yet Sweden has one point on its account after a start against the three-time European champions. Spain too, of course, but tonight it’s overshadowed by the blues.

Poland froze in Slovakia

If Robert Lewandowski doesn’t score once, it’s usually the best news of the day for the opponent. In the Group E game between Poland and Slovakia, FC Bayern’s star striker did not score, but the best news of the day for Slovak opponents came from another opponent: Grzygorz Krychovic, with his yellow-red elimination, ordered by the referee. Given Poland’s middle midfield probably saved Slovakia from defeat. After repeated foul play, Pole had to leave the field in the 62nd minute – and a little later, the Slovaks, who were outnumbered, achieved a final score of 1: 2.

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red card changes everything

From the point of view of the Poles, one might say: fooled. Especially in the second half, Lewandowski’s supporters and side men got better and better in the game – and indeed this time after the equalizer by Karol Linetti, soon after the restart (46th), everyone was preparing for the lead. Polish team. The dismissal abruptly ended the solicitation phase for Krychowiak.

Earlier, former Nuremberg striker Robert Mack had aged the Polish defensive department in the first half and took the lead by going alone from the left in the box. As Poland’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczny still sees the ball from the post, the goal (18th) is eventually counted by the keeper as his own goal.

Gets through and hits the mark: Slovak Robert Mack (right)

And then, when ten Poles were to run for eleven, Milan Scrianar uses the next possible chance after being sent off to score the winning goal (69th). Have Lewandowski or other Polish players inadvertently prepared similarly good news for their next rival, Spain?

Scotland lost its first game in Glasgow

Scotland also lost at the start and feared for survival after the first game of the European Championship and 0:2 (0:1) against the Czechs. Because the group is very hidden from England and Croatia.

England Glasgow |  UEFA EURO 2020 |  target for czech republic

Scotland goalkeeper David Marshall surprised himself at 0:2 on 45 meters from Patrick Schick of the Czech Republic

It shouldn’t have happened. Because after a pastoral preliminary stage, Scotland had its chances in Glasgow in front of 12,500 spectators. Czech scored. More precisely: a check. Patrick Schick led the Scots after a standard corner kick (42nd minute). And then, as the Scots were getting together and local fans were already singing joyful songs in Hampden Park, Schick measured himself from about 45 meters – he saw Scottish keeper David Marshall once again standing away in front of him. was. Box. Marshall tries to make up for his mistake with a daring run to the back. But there was nothing more he could do about the round disaster that fell from the sky. The goalkeeper lands in the net, but so does the ball.

At the top of this group, Scotland should expect the Croatian to remain as harmless as they did in their opening loss against England on Sunday. Otherwise, Steve Clarke and his team should have no great chance of moving forward.


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