European 2021, Czech Republic England and Croatia Scotland: in the round of 16 if … – SPORTS

European 2021, Czech Republic England and Croatia Scotland: in the round of 16 if ... - SPORTS

Rome, 21 June 2021 – In or out: the appeal ends here, between Glasgow and London. Tomorrow night, the night of June 22, is worth all bets for all four teams Group D. for two straight collisions 16. Qualifying for the Round They go on stage at the same time, kick-off at 21. They hit the ground in Hampden Park Croatia I Scotland; a wembley czech republic I England, one of the favorites on the eve of the final victory European 2021. These are the last two structures that lead category of the group So, they start with one foot in front, but they will subtract points from each other. Sadhaks can take advantage of this.

Challenges of European 2021, 22 June 16 .  deserve a round

czech republic england

1-0 success with Croatia and equal to the white mesh with Scotland In the UK derby they are not yet eligible for a pass for the next round. the lionEngland They should start roaring. start with Harry Kane, fresh from two disappointing tests that have always replaced them. Bomber, however, would be the starter against czech republic. “It’s important for us – says the coach Gareth Southgate -, not only for the goals he scores, but also for how he creates and for what he gives.” He has already shown that he knows how to handle criticism and I expect him to do the same now – he continues -. he is our most important player And to understand this, it is enough to look at the goals scored with us.”

The Tottenham centre-forward will face the Czech defenders, who have conceded just one goal in two matches: one they won 2–0 against Scotland and a 1–1 draw with Croatia. Eastern Europeans, needless to say, rely on learn. The old acquaintance of Italian football, formerly of Sampdoria and Rome, appears indeed in a position of grace. All three goals scored by his national team at Euro 2020 are his signature.

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to get eighth part, To czech republic It would be enough not to miss. However, if Scotland beat Croatia, the defeat would not take out second place. If the Croatians win by a margin that allows them a better goal difference, the Czechs will be in third place.

To overcome this stage,England There are two out of three results: a win and a draw. Furthermore, Her Majesty’s subjects would pass away even if Croatia stopped the Scottish cousins. And if Southgate got the better of Sylhawi, he would win first place in the group. In the end, if Scotland fail and win with enough goals to reach the best goal difference, the English will be in third place.

Czech Republic-England, possible formations

Czech Republic (4-2-3-1): Vaiklic; Kaufal, Celestka, Kalas, Bosil; Sousek, hol; Shrovetide, Darida, Yankato; learn

Ingiltera (4-2-3-1): Pickford; James, Stones, Mings, Chilwell; Phillips, Rice; Grealish, Mount, Sterling; ken


Croatia So far this has been one of the disappointments of this tournament. strong of players with titles like modrichandjob brozovichandjob kovacic I perisicHowever, he failed to score more than one goal, which was only worth one point (against the Czech Republic). The knockout awarded to him by England overshadows the provisional standings.

“Croatia has excellent qualities – admits the Scottish coach steve clark -, who are different from the England guys”. “It’s an excellent team that takes the ball well – he continues – they have two top players in midfield with Kovacic and Modric”. However, Clarke believe in the possibility of overcoming the obstacle: “If we can play as we know it and everyone does 8. Display of, then we can have some hope of winning and passing the round”. “When you face the strongest teams, all 11 have to play are 8 players,” he concluded.

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“Scotland could have done better against the Czechs – Croatian ally responds ideally dalik -; He’s got a lot of chances.” He continued, “Then against England he showed motivation and warrior spirit, so I expect the same approach against us because three points is a historic result for him at his stadium in front of his fans. He has a bitter analysis: “A positive result gives you a positive atmosphere and we didn’t succeed in it, we did it in Russia (in the 2018 World Cup, edition), but now we have missed it and we want to find it.” are fighting for. Rhythm”.

hopes of hopes EligibilityHowever, they are still alive. The Slavic national team should win in hopes of going third best, and still overtake second-placed Czech Republic on goal difference.

analog speech for Scotland, who needs at least three points to be in third place. A better margin in terms of goals could also allow them to take the check out of second place. In short, everything is still at stake. And tomorrow everything is settled.

Croatia-Scotland, possible formations

Croatia (4-3-3): Livakovic; Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Guardiol; Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic; Ivanushek, Perisic; petkovic

Scozia (3-5-2): Marshall; McTominay, Hanley, Tierney; O’Donnell, Gilmour, McGregor, McGinn, Robertson; dykes, adams

Czech Republic-England and Croatia-Scotland on TV

Croatia-Scotland will be broadcast live on Sky Sport Uno (Satellite 201, Digital’s 482), Sky Sport Football (satellite channel 203) and Sky Sport (satellite channel 251).

Czech Republic-England will be broadcast on Rai 1 (digital terrestrial channels 1 and 501 HD), while matches on Sky will be broadcast on Sky Sport Uno channels (201 on satellite, 472 and 482 on digital terrestrial), Sky Sport football (number 203 satellite). and Sky Sport (satellite number 251).

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