Extraordinary Scotland, Twickenham transgressed after 38 years

Extraordinary Scotland, Twickenham transgressed after 38 years

The Calcutta Cup is from Scotland. And, as if they weren’t enough, Greg Townsend’s Highlanders also signed the first big surprise of Six Nations 2021, receiving at Twinkingham, a massive drop at the Temple of Eddie Jones of England, a victory that had been missing since 1983. The match that marks the 150th anniversary edition of the challenge between the British and Scots scores: 11-6 for the guests and a lot of breath on the neck for the men in white jerseys seven days before the second out in the championship against Italy. How to say: Wife and partner, tie your seat belt.

This opening is Finn Russell’s Scotland, which opens the scorer off the pitch at 5 ‘. Winger Van der Merwe, who thanks to his goal, partially improves to 0-8 in half an hour, taking advantage of Peele to Billy Vunipola. But the temporary eviction also falls to Russell himself. Before and after, two were held by Farrell to keep the hosts in the water at 6-8. Another paw from Russell at 48 ‘, 6-11, and the obsession begins. However, he sees the center of the debut at the home of the disgusted Englishman, on foot captain Captain Hogg and a brilliant Cameron Redpath. The one who wore an under-20 national team jersey with a rose on his chest.

The Highlanders won by making a big voice in the others’ house (and what a house!), Canceling all English possibilities, struggling, as well as discipline, with problems of physical resistance determined by long inactivity caused by Kovid. Disqualification of elements introduced by sarkens.

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But a defeat is a defeat and the cold ranking does not accept the justification (difference in parentheses): France 5 (+40); Scotland 4 (+5); England 1 (-5); Italy 0 (-40). All this awaits Sunday’s adjournment of 16 between Wales and Ireland.

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