Fleshback 2020. Brutal defeat and great remorse for Scotland against the Blues

FLASHBACK 2020. Cruelle défaite et gros regrets pour les Bleus face à l'Ecosse

After winning their first three matches of the tournament, including two big feats against England Wells, Au Princely Stadium, LA France Scottish moved to clay to continue their series. Alas, France fell against a solid team. First setback, before the match starts. Camille Cat, Initially planned on the bench, is injured during the warm-up.

6 nations 2021. France’s XV creation to challenge Scotland is finally here!From the third minute of the game, with a strong wind, Romain Ntamack The first penalty of the match misses, allowing France to unlock their counter. And to make matters worse, two minutes later, Francois cross Scoop yellow card for one To catch Illegal on Second Scottish Line, Cummings. Unfortunately the French have been beating, the eighth minute since the tricolor opener Romain Ntamack gives up on concussion protocol after a setback Sam johnson.

He will no longer return to the field, and this is Matthew jalibert That replaces it.

Hawa sees red

After a few minutes, half Hastings does not make him tremble in front of the poles, despite the more and more violent wind. 3–0 for Scotland. They chased a second penalty ten minutes later. In the 32nd, Antoine Dupond sent a superb pass over the leg for Damien Panaud, who scored the first goal Exam of the game. In the corner, Jalibert ensures change and allows the French to take advantage. But despite this pleasant bracket, France would quickly escape. In the 36th, Hauas is guilty of a punch in the face on Richie in the 5 French meters. He will be logically excluded from the match by the referee Paul williams, And Hastings gained three more points, which allowed Chardon’s XV to gain. On the siren, Hastings (yes, again) pierced the French defense by more than twenty meters to 22 tricolors. But the release is quick, and it is Maitland who is going to level the corner. 14 to 7 for the Scots…

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Returning from the locker room, Maitland scored twice after increasing by nearly 80 meters. The Test will be transformed and the French will be trailing by fourteen points. In the 61st, Jalibert administered a penalty, and revived French hopes: 21–10. But in the last quarter of an hour, McInally burys French hopes. After receiving a touchdown in their 22 by the Blues, the Scottish hooker took advantage of a favorable rebound. A verb like match, which well represents French misfortune, for which everything seems impossible. Nevertheless, as a symbol, the French captain Charles olivon Marks the final test, and saves the honor of our blues. final score? 28–17.

  • Composition of the French XV:

Boutier – Penaud, Wakatwa, Vincent, Ficou – (O) Entac, (M) DuPont – Alldritt, Olivon, Croce – Villemus, Le Roux – Haidas, Marchand, Poirot.


Video Credit: France TV Sport


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