FOOTB: L: Colon Stand beat Doktmund 2-1 with a double

FOOTB: L: Colon Stand beat Doktmund 2-1 with a double

Dortmund, Germany (Reuters) – Borussia Dortmund suffered a 2-1 defeat to visitors Cologne on Saturday, dropping four points in the Bundesliga title race.

It was the first time in 29 years that Colon, who has now beaten his club-record 18-game winless run in the league, has scored three points at Dortmund, his last win in 1991.

Visitors stunned Dortmund, who travel to Lazio in the Champions League next week, with the opening goal when Alice Skiri entered the far post in the ninth minute.

Dortmund, who scored five goals against Hertha Berlin last week and a 3-0 win over Club Brugge in the Champions League, lacked a real punch and instead had a hard-working Colon who scored again with the same goal for the Tunisian international. From another corner on the hour.

Thorgen Hazard began to cut the deficit with a few shots in the 74th minute, but despite a late attack and a golden opportunity to be stopped by Ralling Holland, who somehow failed to make a cutback on the line from outside one meter, could not get it. Equalizer.

Dortmund, who have now lost three times in their nine league games, will move to third place with 18 points, four leaders behind Bayern Munich and two RB Leipzig. Cologne’s first win of the season knocked them down and finished 15th out of six.

(Reporting by Carolos Grohman; Editing by Claire Fallon)

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