Football, Euro 2021: Scotland are heavy at Under 21 San Marino 4-7

Football, Euro 2021: Scotland are heavy at Under 21 San Marino 4-7

Scotland will play for the top of the standings in a group final that promises to be really furious. But it is of interest with regard to San Marino’s Under 21 national team, whose first thought was to react on the field after a heavy defeat in Croatia. The final appearance of a two-year period at the stadium lacked the heart, application and pride for Biancozzurrini: an excellent start with Scotland but physical decline at a distance, projected at the top of the group – achieving the mission capable of harnessing his qualities Do it

Tight and organically 5-4-1, the San Marino national team approaches the match well, stopping the Scots initiative, showing great physical prowess but much lower quality than Croatia. The result is a slow maneuver, which produces only one shot on target in the first 10, the one that stars Turnbull. In the quarter of an hour, however, the Scottish 14 adjusts to their objective and it is good for Biancozurrini that François is on the trajectory of his shot, guided in the mirror, even if in the availability of De Angelis. It was said of one Scotland that initially its game was not very fluid. And indeed it is on a set that the unblocking goal arises: a free kick by Turnbull and a stop by Kevoli on Honorby, worthy of a whistle by the referee, light but understandable, which counteracts the penalty and yellow. Horby kills himself with strength and precision, displacing de Angelis.

This is a San Marino national team that is fully focused on the match, even though it now suffers more: Scott returns dangerously with Hornby at 22 ‘, who kicks high from two feet, while two minutes later they might turnbull. , Whose shot hits the head crossbar and bounces across the line: the general assumption is that you are bouncing inside, but the referee and assistant don’t see it the opposite way and it remains 1-0. De Angelis made an easy defense over Horby in the 27th minute, while Conti’s final interception to stop McLennan’s conclusion in the half-hour, which ran like an eagle on De Angelis’ rebound after the shot.

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Close to 2–0 in the 39th minute, when a fastball lap free to Patterson on the right; The cross of the full-back is well calibrated for the head of the turnbull, which folds and places it on the edge of the post. In the final minutes of the fraction, the home team physically pays more than a few. De Angelis put a patch on Middleton’s success in the 40th minute, while in the 43rd minute he could do nothing on Megaire’s left-handed pole, doing well in the Capitals over the defeated Middleton.

Very serious, perhaps, played at the end of the first half with an application by the young Titans. The first chance after the interval is just for the latter: Raschi starts one again and does not free Tomasini in the opposite direction; The choice of number 17 is a direct conclusion: the ball goes slightly out, even though Dohan gives the impression of being in control of the trajectory. However, Scotland has not exhausted its driving force. An apology is awarded for an error in the first half in the 50 ‘horby, realizing Middleton’s great work with a simple easy backing. And it is still the Scottish captain, one minute later, who inflates the bag for the third time on Harvie’s serve.

Meanwhile, Costantini sent KKT and Panotti into the area, after Siaci, with Raschi in Pisciglia, the only striker to date. The idea to raise the alarming rate in pursuit of this goal is often missed, but has not yet arrived in a two-year period. However, the ball remains on all opposite sides, where Scotland first scored with McLennan (shot one meter high from the goal line), then got the same number 18 from 6–0, this time a good impediment in capitalization restarted by Middleton. . A change from one bench to another (the Scots also replace the goalkeeper), while Scotland exploits for one of the strong points for the second time, dead balls: corner from right and underside conclusion of Ashby, one of them entered the fray. Race. The final match under management for the guests, who produced the final real offensive in the 84th minute, was scored by François thanks to a San Marino goal for a perfect time. Now the appointment for Costantini and his boys is to the Lithuania house on 13 November for the last two-year commitment.

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Match report

San marino [5-4-1]
De angelis; François (69 ‘from Nanni), Fabri (56’ from Sechethi), Kevali, Quaranta, Conti; Tommasini (56 ‘from Panchoti), Dolcini, Michelotti (46’ from Siasi), Raschi (85 ‘from Livrani); Piscaglia Available: Paolini, Mateoni, Contadini, Babboni Coach: Fabrizio Costantini

Scotland [4-3-3]
Dohan (56 ‘from Wright); Patterson (70 ‘from Chalmers), Mayo, McIntire, Harvie; Maguire, Irving (70 ‘from McInroy), Turnbull (56’ from Kelly); McLennan, Horny (56 ‘from Ashby), Middleton Available: Morrison, Anderson, Reading Coach: Scotland

Referee: Luis Teixeira (POR)
Helpers: Bruno Philip Parante (NED), Hugo Jordan Pereira (NED)
Fourth officer: Juan Guiu Serra (more)
Ammonites: Kevalley, middleton
Marker: 20 ‘, 50’ E 51 ‘, Horny, 39’ Turnbull, 43 ‘Maguire, 70’ McLennan, 75 ‘Ashby


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